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On Monday, February 12, 2018 I had a flash of light on the outside of my right eye.  Because of my history with migranes, that's pretty much what I thought happened and was preparing myself for the upcoming migrane headache.  But it never came.  What did come though, was the loss of peripheral vision in my right eye.  Because the vision was the same on Tuesday, I made an appointment to see my eye doctor.

On Thursday, the eye doctor did a full exam of my eyes and they work perfectly.  Because the peripheral vision was still impaired, they asked me to come back the next day for a "field test".  Following the exam, they determined the problem was between my eyes and my brain, and I needed to get an MRI as soon as possible.  We were able to get the MRI completed on Friday, late afternoon, only so we could wait for the report to be faxed the following Monday.  We obviously knew things were probably not good.

On Monday, we got the report and it was as we suspected...not good.  In fact, it was very bad.  Dr Mortenson, who I worked for and consider a good friend, was able to get us an appointment with a neurosurgeon here in Panama City,  on Wednesday.  Less than one week after my first eye doctor appointment.  Dr DeSilva and his staff were unbelievable!!!  He immediately admitted me to the hospital so he could run more tests.  He then performed the biopsy on Thursday and the preliminary report came back as we thought and we needed to be proactive. 

Since Monday, my husband John, started researching the top brain cancer centers in the country.  Living in Panama City, FL has some great advantages, but it's a small community and our cancer care is somewhat limited.  After the research and considering our family situation, we decided on the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa.  We have our first appointment there on Monday, March 5 at 1:00pm.

We don't know why God has allowed this to happen, but we know without a doubt that He planned this the day I was born.  We are scared, but we also know that God is in control!  

Newest Update

Journal entry by John Potter

I'm happy to say that after another MRI on Sunday (1/27), Kay still has no signs of Glioblastoma!!! God is so good and we are so thankful to Him for the blessings He is bestowing on us. We are humbled by the role that you all keep playing in our lives and we are humbled by what God is accomplishing through this journey.

Things are going so well, we are now planning for what's to come. First, on February 8, Kay will start her final chemo treatment. It will last 5 days and then she'll be done. She has approximately 6 months left in the clinical trial. Once that is completed, Kay will be the first person to complete the trial! We will be speaking with Dr Sehebjam (she wrote the clinical trial) to determine what is to follow.

At our first meeting with Dr Forsyth's head nurse, we were told that Kay will never be considered in remission. That was a very difficult thing to hear, but it only strengthened my resolve to help Kay beat this horrible disease! In researching Glioblastoma and understanding more and more about this disease, I began to understand why she told us this. Basically, because of the micro-cells that for the most part are undetectable, the doctors never know if they "got it all".

However, my faith tells me otherwise! God is a sovereign God who is in complete control of this earth and everything in it. If God decides to use a doctor, perhaps Dr Liu, to take away a cancer, then God will take that cancer away. I don't pretend to know God's will. I don't know if tomorrow, the cancer will return to Kay's body. What I do know is God is in control and with Him, it is entirely possible that Kay is "cancer free"! So we are going to do exactly what the doctors tell us to do and believe that no matter what...God loves us and is control of this situation! AND, that Kay is cancer free. If we're wrong about the latter, we'll adjust and follow God's leading.

In the meantime, we will allow God to use us and our experience to help others. First, we were asked to speak with Cathy Houge and help her understand the journey she was about to take, in being part of this clinical trial. We met many members of her family and have formed a bond that will last forever. We spoke with her yesterday and today. She is just starting the second phase of the trial, so she's about 6 months behind Kay. She is so excited about Kay's progress and I think we've been able to help her in managing expectations. We briefly saw Dr Sehebjam today, and she thanked us so much for "mentoring" Cathy and her family through this process.

Our next opportunity to help will be on March 15. That's one year and one day after Kay's surgery. On that day we will be part of a panel for the American Brain Tumor Association's first annual conference, hosted by Moffitt. We will be speaking on our specific situation and how we have been able to walk through this difficult journey together. Please pray that God will give us the right words, that will be uplifting to those in attendance and will honor Him.

Finally, in the next few weeks I will be looking into starting a foundation. As more and more people are being afflicted with brain cancer, the families can face financial difficulties almost immediately. One of the main reasons is that if that person needs to file for disability income, at the earliest, they will get financial assistance through the social security administration in 6 months! What is that family supposed to do in those first 6 months? If all goes well, the foundation will provide immediate financial assistance to those families in need during the first 6 months. We are excited for the possibilities, so please pray that God will lead us in the right direction and to the right people, to make this happen.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support! We can't even begin to tell you how much you are appreciated and loved!!

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