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“In honor of Super Man, Super Wife and Super Kids!”

— Anonymous

“In honor of Super Man”

— The Gonzales Family

“Keep up the recovery Super Man...your fellow brothers and sisters continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.”

— Blue Knights Virginia-II LEMC

“In honor of Super Man - keep up the good work, Peter !”

— Cathy Kroohs, AFD-EMS

“In honor of Super Man--stay strong, your story is an inspiration.”

— Carol Agayoff

— The Siegel family (Marc Siegel, MD)

“In honor of Super Man's continued recovery”

— From a Cameron Station neighbor

“In honor of Super Man”

— The Lorenz Family

“My brother, Jesse Meekins, was very upset after hearing about the shooting of Officer Laboy. He said that Officer Laboy is a great man and officer.”

— Shaun Danielle Meekins

“In honor of Super Man”

— Alexandria VIP Taxi Drivers