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Journal entry by Andria Baumann

Today marks Penny being at the hospital for 60 days. Tomorrow she will be 35 weeks gestational age with a few more weeks until she is considered full term. There are still a handful of things she has to accomplish before coming home. 

On Tuesday she hit the 5 pound mark- hooray! She has chubby cheeks, mini thigh rolls, and is almost ready to upgrade to newborn size clothes (the preemie clothes fit just right but are a little hard to squish into 😂) 

Penny upgraded to another crib to accommodate her new sling set up. The Danny Sling holds her at an angle in the crib to help with her reoccurring reflux she keeps having. The trial of the Elecare formula has proven to not exactly help here he ongoing issue of her  tummy getting bigger with the continuous feeds. The air supply is at 3L of oxygen per hour, so that is not really that much air to be filling her tummy with extra air either. The back and forth will continue with figuring out her digestion. In other digestive updates, she is pooping more regular and is doing better with a prune juice schedule instead of the scheduled suppositories.  Overall, the doctor said she can go back to the breastmilk and I don’t need to continue to eat a dairy free diet. Since she is showing the same signs of the air-filled tummy and poop schedule with both the breast milk and the formula. Yay! 🧀🧈🍦🥛

She has been showing oral feeding cues with chewing on her hands and rooting around while alert when I hold her. The speech therapist says her gestational age is right at the time when babies are ready to learn how to eat orally. We will start with a paci-feed, which is taking a small amount of milk through a hole in a pacifier, to see how she does with swallowing and breathing. 

Penny has been through so much in the past 2 months. Breathing tube, CPAP, high flow nasal cannula. IV nutrition, continuous breast milk feeding, switched to IV again, then to the special formula. The feeding tube through her nose into her tummy, switched to the first part of her intestines, and then back to her tummy. The tube being in one nostril, then the other and at times a feeding tube and a tube for air in both nostrils at the same time. Many, many X-rays to see if those tubes were places correctly as well as to check why her tummy was pressed out so far. Lots of tape to hold all the tubes in place as well as the IVs being placed and rotated to foot, arm, arm, foot, and even her scalp. Heart rate monitors- 3 pads attached to her torso as well as a pulse oximeter wrapped around a foot or wrist all the time since day one. Round the clock beeping from the monitors and cries from her neighbors. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the 24-hour, knowledgeable love and support we have received from the team of doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapist, X-ray technicians, nursing assistants, custodians, and security guards. And of course all the love and support from our families, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and silent supporters. We couldn’t have done this without all of you. Penny has been able to be her best with all this love and  will continue fighting and growing every day. 👶🏻💗👣

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