Honor Payne

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50 Tribute Donations


Gifted by Betsy

Gifted by The Ulrich Family

“You are such an inspiration Payne!”
Adele Driskell

Gifted by Adele Driskell

Gifted by Nancy Kirkland Chambers (a FL member of CCC)

“Isn't it amazing what a lot of Love and a lot of Prayer can accomplish. God bless Payne and the Sigman Family.”
Mary C. Grves

Gifted by Mary C. Grves

“I am so proud of this family and the inspiration that Payne has been to so many people. May he always be blessed in whatever he does in life....I know it will be a positive life. God bless the whole Sigman family...good people.”

Gifted by Sharon Crews

Cindy Wandschneider

Gifted by Cindy Wandschneider

“What a great day to give back! Thanks for keeping us posted on Payne's progress every morning.”
Diana Blowers

Gifted by Diana Blowers

“Payne, you are an inspiration to all of us who once in a while think we are facing a challenge that we don't think we can conquer. Along with your physical progress, you and your family have been an inspiration in the way you have all been so positive.”
Chip and char Morris

Gifted by Chip and char Morris

“Payne your struggle has been difficult but your desire and strength has been phenomenal. Enjoy being home but keep working hard.”

Gifted by Bill and Shirley