Journal entry by Kara Overton

I can not believe how the weeks are flying by! It  has been one month since my last post but just to update Paul is breathing on his own  with minimum resting time on the vent. Today they are going to try the trach collar for him! This is a HUGE step, and if Paul can tolerate it he will soon be able to eat and talk on it! 
If everyone could please pray that Paul has the ability to breath with the trach collar on comfortably, we would be so appreciative. 
Although this process with Paul seems long, Paul has made tremendous progress, and continues to beat the odds everyday. 
Paul’s energy has spread throughout Bridgepoint and we now have most of the medical staff rocking our paulstrong shirts and wristbands. They talk to Paul as if they have known him forever. It’s truly amazing to see the impact Paul has on everyone! 
With it being Lent season, It brings us even closer to Jesus. It’s a season of growth and repentance. It is also a season of healing and miracles!  He invites us to humble ourselves before him, to acknowledge our sins, and remind us that Our Father’s mercy for us is everlasting. We are loved even when we make a huge mistake. We are forgiven even if we think our sins are too big. Even in the darkest valley God is on our side with His love and mercy. 
God sacrificing His only son to die on the cross for our sins proves to us His love and desire for all of us to be healthy and whole! We trust God’s timing with Paul's recovery. He continuously shows us signs and blessings reminding that He is here with us, He hears us, and has the final word with everything! 
Again, if everyone could please pray for Paul to breath successfully today on the trach collar. 
Thank you and God Bless!
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