Journal entry by Kara Overton

Hi Everyone!
I just wanted to give you an update on Paul.

Over this past month, Paul has now increased his time off the ventilator to 16 hours per day. Paul’s physical therapy team has been very aggressive with his treatments, however they are cutting back on some of his sessions, to allow him the extra energy needed for his breathing. With Paul doing both aggressive PT and weaning, his physical therapist compared both activities to “running a marathon with a bad cold” . Since this recent change, Paul has been able to sleep and breath longer!  Yesterday we had a meeting with Paul’s team of providers. Overall they are very encouraged and pleased with Paul’s progression. Although we would love to have Paul recover quickly, his doctor reassured us that he has progressed with zero setbacks, and will continue to progress. 


As you pray for Paul’s complete and total healing, here are some specific prayers;

1. For any nerve damage to be restored and for him to breath successfully on his own for a complete 24 hours.

2. For Paul to continue his progression with alertness and a clear mind. 

3. For Paul to continue with purposeful upper body movement.


As we continue to walk in faith throughout this journey, God often reminds us that a delay is not a denial. Every moment of every day He is working for the absolute best in us and for His purpose. It is easy to let your emotions control you when you are going through suffering, but praying and letting God take control can absolutely change everything! God did not promise this life to be easy. The struggle he puts in our lives we must embrace and not fear, because often times the conflicts we want to skip creates the ending we all love to see. 


When we are weak, He is strong. 


Thank you everyone and God Bless! 

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