Shelly Foreback|Feb 12, 2019
Praying for Paul and the Overton family!
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Chris DeFazio|Jan 30, 2019
Thinking of Paul today and everyday and praying for his continued healing.. God bless him and the entire family!
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Robin Sells|Jan 22, 2019
We are contuing to pray for all of you. God is good!
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Sue Myers|Jan 21, 2019
Thank you so much for your updates! Yes, God is watching and helping with every minute. I'm thinking of all of you and pray for this continued miracle of healing to fill Paul's heart with hope for a long, happy and healthy lifetime. And pray that he feels how the incredible amount of love that is surrounding him in his time of need. Love you all!
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Sue Campbell|Jan 20, 2019
Your family's strength and faith are an inspiration. I'm praying for Paul daily and always thinking of you all. ❤️
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Laurie Taylor|Jan 13, 2019
So uplifting to read your latest update Kara! The journey to healing can be long, but like you say, God is in front of everything. He has the plan, He knows the it all to Him, following Him and trusting in Him. That He will do his work for the good of Paul and your family, because you love Him. I continue to pray for Paul, your Mother, your Father, Drew and you. Sending our love and positive thoughts for continuing progress in Paul’s healing!!
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Karen Butner|Jan 13, 2019
We continue to pray for Paul’s complete recovery, thanks for the positive update
David & Karen Butner
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katie hood|Jan 13, 2019
Your family is in my thoughts always
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Brenda Pavlick Scarpati|Jan 13, 2019
This is wonderful news! I continue to pray daily for Paul's complete healing.
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