Journal entry by Kara Overton

Hi Everyone! It has been a while since I last updated, so here is a little update on Paul!

Paul is continuing his recovery at BridgePoint Rehab Hospital in Washington, DC. We have grown to love the entire staff, especially Paul's caring team. Their positivity and love for Paul shines through them, and we could not have picked a better facility for Paul's recovery.

Paul is waking up more and more everyday, and he is still progressing in his weaning. A few posts back I asked for specific prayers for his CO2 levels to lower while he breaths, and God has faithfully answered! Paul's CO2 levels could not be any more perfect, Thanks be to God! Right now they are trying to have Paul wean for 24 hours at level 0. The doctor has confirmed to us that his lungs are one of the strongest on his floor. We know Paul is absolutely capable of doing it, and we are confident God will inject him with the endurance and alertness that he needs! 

As you pray for Paul's complete and total healing, here are some specific prayers;
1. That Paul's respiratory rate while weaning is permanently between 15-20.
2. Has complete full alertness to understand commands everyday, and to breath completely on his own. 

We love you guys and keep praying!
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