Journal entry by Kara Overton

Hi Everyone!

Very exciting news!!!

Paul is being transferred to Lorien Rehab Facility in Mt Airey today at 3pm! We are so excited for this next step in Paul’s recovery. Once he is settled, we will give you more information regarding visiting hours.

God continues to answer our prayers and sustain us through this journey. We are so blessed to have your love and prayers!

As always, please continue to pray for Paul’s complete and full recovery!

Thank you and God Bless!

Journal entry by Kara Overton

 Hi Everyone! We will be attending the 11:20 am service at Bay Area Community Church, located at 884 Chesterfield Rd in Annapolis tomorrow morning. We would love to have you join us in group praying for Paul’s complete and full healing! Also, we are excited to share that we have found a rehab facility that, we feel, is a PERFECT fit for Paul at this time. The move should happen early this next week, but we will keep you updated once we finalize the details.  Paul continues to show progression in his recovery daily. We feel very strongly that this next step in moving Paul, will have a tremendous positive and effective impact on Paul’s recovery. The rehab facility, where Paul will be moving to, were amazed that he has made such progression in a 6 week period. Our thanks goes first and foremost to GOD for showing His Grace and Healing Powers over Paul, to the BEST nurses and doctors that have cared for Paul, and to Paul’s incredible physical condition and mental determination! As you continue to pray, we ask that you focus on - A smooth transition to the next facility.Continued progression of weening Paul off the ventilator, and ultimately, the trach. Continued progression of Paul regaining additional consciousness. Hope to see you this Sunday at Bay Area Church! As always, thank you for your continued support and prayers of thanks for Paul’s complete healing!! God Bless! 

Journal entry by Kara Overton

Hi everyone!

The past couple of days Paul has been progressing in his consciousness! We are feeling so optimistic and are truly witnessing God healing him right in front of our eyes. Paul is becoming more alert and aware of his surroundings. He is opening up his eyes with increased eye movement. As well as excessive kicking and smiling of the face. Paul’s facial expressions are continuing to amaze us! He is still on the ventilator, but we fully believe Paul’s breathing will get easier as he gradually gains more consciousness.

God is so good and he is making Paul a testimony! We are so thankful for his healing. We can not wait to find out what God has in store for him when he is fully recovered. All the Glory goes to God!

As you pray here are some specific requests:

- That God continues to bring Paul to full consciousness.

- That Paul is able to breath without the use of the ventilator.

- That God continues to show us progression and strength in Paul.

As always please keep praying for complete and full healing of Paul!

In Jesus Stripes Paul is healed!
Thank you and God Bless!!!

Journal entry by Kara Overton

Hi everybody!

I apologize for not updating more this week! I am going to try to upload at least once a day to keep everyone updated.

This week Paul has shown nothing but strength and progression towards us. He is continuously showing more emotion in his face as well as repetitive kicking in his legs! We are continuing to pray for Paul to breath fully without a ventilator. He is very determined and incredibly close, so please keep praying for that! As for the physical therapy exercises, Paul is reacting great to it! We thank God everyday for sustaining us with certainty and peace that Paul is moving forward to a full recovery. As we go through this journey, it is very easy to become impatient. It is only natural and we just want our Pauly back! Therefore, please remember that while we wait, God is always working on Paul! Even when we can not see it, God has not wasted one moment healing him! We simply must trust him wholeheartedly and let go of the worry! God set the miracle in motion when we prayed for Paul on August 16th!

I also wanted to talk about the possibility of going to local churches, such as Lighthouse and Bay Area and having a big group join together for Paul. “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them”~Matthew 18:20. As I said many times, the Power of Prayer is a BEAUTIFUL thing. The amount of faith that has spread throughout this journey has been amazing. Many blessings will happen when we pray together. I am going to post the service times at the bottom of this post, and I will post later on today what service I am going too. Feel free to go at anytime or if you want to suggest another church!

Lighthouse Glen Burnie
Saturday: 5pm
Sunday: 9am & 11am

Bay Area Annapolis
Saturday: 5:20pm
Sunday: 7:50am, 9:20am,11:20am

Thank you and God Bless!

Journal entry by Kara Overton

Hi Everyone! 


To give you an update on Paul’s progress. We met with his Physical Therapist today and she reviewed with us his physical therapy treatments. Along with the therapist, we will be involved in working with Paul. She also indicated that with Paul’s progression of consciousness, it’s important for us to speak, encourage and touch Paul, but be careful to not overstimulate him. For example, if the lights are all on and people are talking to him, then it is a good idea to not have additional noise in the room. She noted that it is important to talk in soothing voices, turn down some of the lights, and overall keep Paul’s room a calm environment. If you step back and notice the environment is getting too overwhelming, it is 10 times more stimulating for Paul.


As you continue to pray for Paul's healing, we ask that you focus on some specific short term goals for him:

1. For Paul to continue in his progression of recovery from his brain injury. 

 2. For Paul to continue his progress with his breathing and to be completely off the ventilator. 

As always please continue to pray for complete healing of Paul. Your prayers are working!

Thank you and God Bless! 

Journal entry by Kara Overton

 It has been three days since Paul's neck surgery and he is recovering beautifully. All thanks to God! God has been so good and so faithful to us. Not one day throughout this journey did God allow us to walk alone. He continues to carry out his plan and we can not wait until the day comes and rejoice in His name! All praise and glory goes to God.

As you pray, here are some specific requests:

1. That Paul is able to breath completely on his own and without a ventilator this week.
2. That God continues to show us progression and strength in Paul.
3. That God will let us share his light, and spread the Word of the Lord, Glorifying him for healing Paul.
4. That God continues to heal Paul’s brain, and allows him to wake up with peace and clarity.  
Our full trust is in God’s healing powers, and we could not be more excited! Thank you Father for healing our Pauly! Never forget that Impossible doesn't exist with God.

As always we are so thankful for the support and love from everybody. Paul would not be here today without the continuous prayers and faith from everyone. We are so grateful!

Please continue to pray for perfect and complete healing of Paul! We love you guys!! and God Bless.#Paulstrong

Journal entry by Kara Overton

Also 200 more of the Paul Strong bands just came in! The bracelets are $20/each and you can donate the money into the GoFund me page, then Email with your name, address, and the number of bands you ordered! They will be mailed at the end of each day. I will add the Email address under Ways to Help to go directly to the page!
Thank you!

Thank you to Pat Mercer and Shane Dewind, two of Paul’s close friends, for organizing this!

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Journal entry by Kara Overton

Hi everyone! 

I recently found a healing prayer that really spoke to me, and I would love if everyone would read this prayer at least once a day. God is listening!!

Dear heavenly Father, I thank You for everything that You have done in my life and continue to do. Thank You for waking me up today, for I know it was by Your grace. I come before You and repent of my sins. I repent for the sins I have committed knowingly and unknowingly. I pray that You will cleanse me with Your blood and forgive me. Today, I bring before you Paul Overton Lord, I know that is Your desire for good things to happen in our lives (Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end). I pray Lord, that You will heal Paul Overton in the name of Jesus. For in Your word it states that by Your stripes we are healed (Isaiah 53:5). I pray today that Your healing power will manifest in Paul Overton and that they will testify of your goodness in the land of the living. I pray for Paul Overton’s salvation, that they will acknowledge You as their Lord and saviour. I pray that You will deliver them from the hand of the enemy and may Your angels protect them from all evil. I speak Your favour over Paul Overton’s life. I also pray that Your perfect will be done in Paul Overton’s life and may it be all for Your glory. In Jesus name we pray, AMEN
Thank you everyone! And please keep praying for complete healing of Paul. God is about to bless us very very soon! 

Journal entry by Kara Overton

Paul has been continuously showing improvements everyday. Right now Paul is slowly showing more movement in his face and toes. We are currently praying and waiting for Paul to become stable enough to get an operation on his neck. Paul's amputation on his right arm went beautifully and we are praying that that will be the worst of Paul's injuries.

Please keep praying for Paul's recovery and strength. We will give you another update later in the week. Visiting hours are from 12:00-6:30, then 8:00-10:00. 

Thank you, and God Bless!


Paul’s Story

Site created on August 28, 2018

Dear Family and Friends,

On August 16th, our beloved, Paul Overton was in a horrific motorcycle accident learning how to ride. With traumatic injuries to the arm, neck, and brain, we were told by doctors that Paul had little chance of making it. Without giving up hope Paul was sent to University of Maryland Shock Trauma where he is currently fighting for his life.

Paul is the most selfless, caring, most courageous person we know. Paul  truly has impacted every single person he has ever met. We sincerely believe Paul would not be here without the hope and prayers from everyone.  As we have been repeatedly saying this is the marathon Paul has truly been preparing for. If anybody could beat this, it's Paul. Everyday Paul has shown us signs that he is here listening, and in no way giving up. We believe in the Power of Prayer, and we know God is healing him right now. 

We are starting this page for Paul for updates regarding his conditions, visiting hours, fundraisers, and anything relating to him. Paul is strong and will continue to fight and finish this marathon for life.  We are continuing to thank God everyday for healing our amazing Paul. He is truly already a miracle. We are all #paulstrong and #prostrong for life. Thank you to everyone that has shown love and support, and please continue to pray for Paul's full healing. We know he'll be out of there soon! 

Much Love,
The Overton's