Journal entry by Kara Overton

Hi everyone!

Thank you for everyone making Paul's 30th birthday yesterday so special! The nursing staff also surprised him with balloons, cupcakes and card! We love the entire staff here at Bridge-point. Even though it has only been two weeks, Paul has already made such a positive impact on the medical staff caring for him. As always, we love seeing Paul's friends come visit, and we know he loves hearing your voices!  From early morning to late afternoon, Paul is extremely active with therapy, and is taken off the ventilator twice a day. He is right on track, and doing incredibly well. However, by the evening he is wiped out and sleeps through the night. 
Please continue your prayers for a full and complete healing of Paul!

Thank you and God Bless! 

Journal entry by Kara Overton

We wanted to give everyone an update of Paul's progress! 
This past week the Respiratory Therapists have been aggressively working on weaning Paul off the ventilator. We are so proud of him for his improvement! For a while, Paul's ventilator was set to give him 16 breaths a minute. His oxygen levels are always great, but has had some trouble with retaining too much Co2. Throughout the week the RT's would decrease the support of the ventilator, and test Paul's ability to breath steady levels of oxygen and Co2 for a short period of time. In one week the nurses were able to reduce his level down to 5! Getting weaned off is a slow process, and not everyday is perfect. But we are so thankful to God for blessing him with such great progress in a short time. The nurses are all very positive and happy with his progress. Paul continues to gain more energy and strength everyday! God is faithful and listening to everyone's prayers!  

As you pray for Paul's complete and full recovery, here are some specific prayers:-
For Paul's Co2 and oxygen levels to remain perfect.
-That this week God will allow him to breath fully on his own permanently.
-That this week God will bring him to full consciousness, and full movement in his body. 
-That Paul will no longer need to take any antibiotics anymore.  

 I also wanted to post a few things that I have learned from God throughout this journey;

"Faith doesn't make sense, it makes miracles."
Faith is not easy, and it is not a feeling. Faith is a choice to trust God that he will "turn a Mess into a Message, a Test into a Testimony, a Trial into a Triumph, and a Victim into Victory!" He ALWAYS rewards the people who stay in faith and that who love Him! It is important to trust and rely on God's timing, rather than our own timeline. "Don't mistake God's patience for His absence. His timing is perfect, and His presence is constant. He is always with you! - Deuteronomy 31:6 

 God is the most powerful force in the Universe! Therefore His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, and His ways are higher than our ways! (Isaiah 55:9) He starts at the impossible, and performs miracles and blessings that are way beyond our imagination! Nothing is too hard or too big for God. No matter what the circumstance looks like, Pray BOLD! Expect the best and believe that your prayers have been answered even when you can not see it yet. God is faithful to those who remain faithful to him. "Where there is hope, there is faith. Where there is faith miracles happen." He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”- Matthew 17:20

  With the help of The Holy Spirit and Acting out the Word of God in our every day life we have the power to create our Will and have any prayer answered!What we think and say is what comes to life! Positive thoughts create positive results. The Power of Prayer is a VERY powerful thing, but prayers are just words if we lack faith. We can say as many prayers as we want, but we need to have it mixed with faith for results to produce. When we truly have faith and pray with Jesus' name, then praise God for doing it before it is yet seen, The Holy Spirit will intercede and ANYTHING you ask you shall receive it!
By sacrificing His only Son to die on the cross, God has healed and saved us all gifting us with the same power Jesus had when he came down in physical form, performing countless miracles. 
John 14:12-14:Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing,and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.
The SAME healing miracles that Jesus performed on Earth 2000 years ago still happen today!! Healing of the blind, paralyzed, non-curable diseases, and even resurrecting people from the dead! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and will be forever.(Hebrews 13:8)

 A quote to look upon when struggling with faith:
“One of the things that help your faith to grow is experiencing victories as you act on the Word of God. When David faced the giant in battle, he reflected back on his past victories with God. These ignited his faith to take this new challenge. The results we know from reading the bible was a greater victory. There is a principle involved here! Here is the principle. Faith in God will always produce favorable results when you act on His Word. Your faith grows stronger as you exercise it. Stronger faith enables you to win greater victories.” - Ulysses Spann 

As we said in the beginning, this is the marathon Paul has been training for. In order to finish a marathon, one must have endurance. Faith produces endurance! James 1:2- Consider it all joy, my brothers and sisters  when you face trials of different kinds, because you know the testing of your faith produces endurance.  Pray for Paul to have God's faithfulness. Anyone who visits with Paul, act out your Faith of God to him and God will bless Paul with great endurance and strength, as he has throughout the past 3 months!

 Know that God’s plan for us and Paul is of hope and not disaster. He never shows us it all at once, but by one step at a time. He’s teaching us to walk by faith and not by sight. Wait patiently for Him, and remember that when God is silent, he is preparing something big for us!  

"God has a 
purpose for your pain,
a reason for your struggle
and a reward for your faithfulness.
Trust him and don't give up"    

Thank you everyone, and keep praying!

Journal entry by Kara Overton

Hi everyone!

Paul has settled down comfortably into his new room at Bridgepoint Hospital! During this time of his recovery, we do encourage for friends to visit but in small groups! Bring his favorite music, pictures, anything you know Paul loves! We are very grateful and pleased with Bridgepoint and the entire staff.

Please continue your prayers for Paul to be weaned off the ventilator, and to be fully healed!

Thank you and God Bless!

Journal entry by Kara Overton

Hi everyone!

We’re VERY happy to announce that Paul has been transferred to Bridgepoint Hospital in Capitol Hill, Washington DC! Here they will solely focus on getting Paul off the ventilator and starting therapy. The Lord has certainly tested our patience and trust during this transition, but we have learned that when you fully give it up to Him, he will bless you with the absolute best!
“ When you encounter various trials knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing” James 1:2-4

We will update again as soon as we find out the visiting hours for Paul!
Again, thank you for your prayers and support!

Keep praying for Paul’s complete and full recovery!

Thank you and God Bless!

Journal entry by Kara Overton

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the delay of posting! This past week, I had my wisdom teeth removed, and with the tremendous response of the PRO Apparel, Drew and I have been very busy! Paul is continuing to recover comfortably at UMD. I will continue to update everyone once we have the confirm date to move Paul to the rehab center.

As you pray for Pauls complete healing here are some specifics:
That God brings full consciousness and clarity to his mind.
Strength and continuous movement in his legs, arms & left hand.
Perfect healing of all five of his senses.

We love you all! Thank you for praying!

Journal entry by Kara Overton

Please read this message from Paul's friends regarding the Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving morning! Thank you again to everyone who partnered and helped to get Paul apart of this race! We truly have the greatest friends ever! 

 Please read, sign up, and spread the word!!!

"On Thanksgiving morning we are going to run to support Paul! 
We have partnered with a local non-profit to help raise money for the Overton family. 
We invite you to join us for the Y of Arnold Turkey Trot 5K on November 22nd at 8:30 AM. We ask that by the end of next week, you register as an individual (we are not forming a team for registration purposes*). Below is the link to register for the race. Please note that if you're not as passionate about running as Paul, you can walk at this event (they even allow dogs and strollers!).
Next, please click the link below and enter your Name, Email, and Shirt Size to receive the custom "PaulStrong" shirt that we have designed. We will all be proudly sporting this shirt on race day to show our support for Paul. 
Also, please help us SPREAD THE WORD! The more runners we have committed to running, the more money we will be able to raise from sponsors. Forward this message to friends, family, and co-workers. We are targeting 150 runners so once again please help us spread the word and show support for Paul!

Thank you so much for all you have already done for Paul and the Overton family. We hope to see you on Thanksgiving!"

*Please note that we are attending another charity's race. We are asking to sign up as individuals and not as a team. The reason for this is for our team to focus on raising money for Paul as opposed to the race's charity. In addition, when you register for the race you will be asked to make a donation. Please feel free to donate to this separate charity, but this donation will not go to Paul. In addition, you will be asked for a shirt size, this is for the the Turkey Trot shirt, not the Paul Strong shirt. We will be wearing Paul Strong shirts that you can sign up for in the link above.

Journal entry by Kara Overton

Our Pro apparel is now available through our Etsy shop! Please check it out through the link at the bottom!

PRO by #PaulStrong was created for Paul Overton, a warrior/survivor going through a journey of a lifetime. Paul Overton, a brother, son, and friend to many was involved in a motorcycle accident on August 16th, 2018. Paul had suffered severe brain, neck, and arm injuries. With little hope from the doctors, friends and family gathered around and prayed for a miracle. God remained faithful, and brought Paul out from the worse and is still blessing him everyday! Matthew 17-20: "Faith Can Move Mountains" is the sole reason that Paul is here with us today. We continue to live by this verse, as we remain faithful to God's Word and promise throughout our journey.

We started the trend #paulstrong, because God has blessed Paul with incredible strength and drive that will blow an average person away.
As the result of the tremendous outpour of individuals to be apart of this journey, we developed the PRO logo and now offer a variety of apparel. All of the Proceeds will be going towards our brother, Paul.

If there is an item you would like that is out of stock please let us know!
We are ordering sweatshirts and beanies for the fall and winter soon as well! If you guys have any requests to colors and types of apparel, please email us at or feel free to send us a txt message!

Thank you and God Bless!
Drew & Kara

Journal entry by Kara Overton

Hi everyone!
It has been a pretty busy weekend, but I thought I would update everyone on Paul’s Progress!

Everyday God has proven to us how good and awesome He is. Paul is becoming more flexible in his movement and in his facial expressions! The OT examined him and she was very impressed of the flexibility Paul has and credits that to all of the Physical therapy we have been giving him! She also told us that Paul reacts to all of the pain tests and the stimulation tests! All Glory to God!
Paul’s vitals are always great, but occasionally will spike a fever so please pray for that! The doctors continue to test Paul for infections, but they always come back negative so Praise the Lord!!!
We toured Johns Hopkins yesterday for their Ventilator program, and fell in love with it! We asked God to guide us to the best rehab facility, and we believe he did! So please pray that they have a room available for Paul this week!

As always, thank you for your continuous prayers and support during this time. The hardest part is definitely patience, but we fully trust the Lord’s timeline and trust they he is never wasting a moment healing our Paul. God wants us to walk by faith and not by sight, and we know that GOD has something GREAT in store for Paul, and we are praising The Almighty GOD for his miraculous healing of Paul!

“Let’s hold on to the confession of our hope without wavering, because the one who made the promises is reliable” ~Hebrews 10:23

As you pray here are some specific requests:
1. That God brings full alertness to Paul’s mind and body.
2. That God will bless Paul with the strength to breath completely on his own.
3. That God will continue to bring movement to Pauls legs and arms.
4. That God will open the door for us this week to transfer Paul to Johns Hopkins!
5. And for the full and complete healing of Paul!
Thank you everyone and God Bless!

Journal entry by Paula Overton

Hi Everyone, 

As you all know, Kara has written all of the updates on Paul's progress, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for your tremendous support, love and continuous prayers for Paul's complete healing! In addition to our deep faith, this outpour of concern and love for Paul and our family has given us the strength and daily lift we need during this journey.

Paul's stay at Lorien Rehab Facility in Mt. Airy was short lived. Unfortunately, the care was not of the quality that we had expected when selecting this facility. He is now back at UMD hospital and is doing incredibly well. His medical team assures us that he is definitely ready to move on to the next facility in order for him to progress off the ventilator and receive the necessary physical and speech therapy. We feel more knowledgable and prepared with this next search on what type of rehab and nursing care Paul needs at this time. 

The hardest part of this journey has been patience. We pray daily for God to give us the strength and acceptance that His timeline is far better than what we desire. We certainly have been given some curve balls, but overall, Paul's progression over these past seven weeks have been nothing less than miraculous! Small victories lead to tremendous progression, and we celebrate each one! 

We will keep you updated on our next move for Paul, but during this time we ask you to please focus your prayers on:

1) God's continued healing of Paul's brain and increased level of consciousness. 
2) Paul's ability to breath without the ventilator. 
3) To find the BEST rehab facility for Paul's success in ventilator rehabilitation.

Again, our deepest thanks and heartfelt love to each one of you. It is now very clear to us, Paul has touched the lives of so many individuals, and so have each of you touched our lives so dearly.  

Love and God Bless, 
Faith can move Mountains! Matthew 17:20


Journal entry by Kara Overton

Paul has been continuously showing improvements everyday. Right now Paul is slowly showing more movement in his face and toes. We are currently praying and waiting for Paul to become stable enough to get an operation on his neck. Paul's amputation on his right arm went beautifully and we are praying that that will be the worst of Paul's injuries.

Please keep praying for Paul's recovery and strength. We will give you another update later in the week. Visiting hours are from 12:00-6:30, then 8:00-10:00. 

Thank you, and God Bless!


Paul’s Story

Site created on August 28, 2018

Dear Family and Friends,

On August 16th, our beloved, Paul Overton was in a horrific motorcycle accident learning how to ride. With traumatic injuries to the arm, neck, and brain, we were told by doctors that Paul had little chance of making it. Without giving up hope Paul was sent to University of Maryland Shock Trauma where he is currently fighting for his life.

Paul is the most selfless, caring, most courageous person we know. Paul  truly has impacted every single person he has ever met. We sincerely believe Paul would not be here without the hope and prayers from everyone.  As we have been repeatedly saying this is the marathon Paul has truly been preparing for. If anybody could beat this, it's Paul. Everyday Paul has shown us signs that he is here listening, and in no way giving up. We believe in the Power of Prayer, and we know God is healing him right now. 

We are starting this page for Paul for updates regarding his conditions, visiting hours, fundraisers, and anything relating to him. Paul is strong and will continue to fight and finish this marathon for life.  We are continuing to thank God everyday for healing our amazing Paul. He is truly already a miracle. We are all #paulstrong and #prostrong for life. Thank you to everyone that has shown love and support, and please continue to pray for Paul's full healing. We know he'll be out of there soon! 

Much Love,
The Overton's