Journal entry by Kara Overton

Paul has been continuously showing improvements everyday. Right now Paul is slowly showing more movement in his face and toes. We are currently praying and waiting for Paul to become stable enough to get an operation on his neck. Paul's amputation on his right arm went beautifully and we are praying that that will be the worst of Paul's injuries.

Please keep praying for Paul's recovery and strength. We will give you another update later in the week. Visiting hours are from 12:00-6:30, then 8:00-10:00. 

Thank you, and God Bless!


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Journal entry by Kara Overton

After meeting with Paul's medical team, Paul is progressing to the next step in his treatment.  He will be having a procedure tomorrow, and the medical staff has requested that visitation be limited to only family members. We will you keep you updated regarding his progress.

Please continue with your heartfelt prayers, they are definitely helping!

Thank you and God Bless!

Journal entry by Kara Overton

From Caroline Kwash: "If you are looking for another way to support Paul Overton please consider purchasing a #PaulStrong candle. For each candle sold I will be donating 50% of the profits directly to his GoFundMe page. Thank you! <3"

The Link is posted under "Ways To Help"

Thank you!!

Journal entry by Kara Overton

Hi Everyone!
Since Paul's tracheotomy yesterday, he is recovering beautifully! Visitors are welcome today during the normal visiting hours. He is now scheduled for his neck surgery next Wednesday, and we are very excited!

Please keep praying your heartfelt prayers. God is most definitely answering them!

Thank you and God Bless!

Journal entry by Kara Overton

**IMPORTANT** The doctors are asking please please please everyone if you are feeling at all sick or not 100% yourself please do not come to see Paul! His immune system is extremely fragile right now, and we do not want to risk anything. For now please do not bring your phones back to his room and please refrain from touching him as well. And of course always use the hand sanitizer! We want Paul to get back to his healthy self!

Thank you everyone!

Journal entry by Kara Overton

Hi everyone!

Paul is still showing signs of improvement with movement of his legs and feet. Saturday and today they had Paul sitting up right in a wheelchair for a few hours! The nurses said it was an easy transition, which we are very happy about! Tomorrow Paul is still scheduled to have his neck surgery. For visiting hours tomorrow the doctors asked us to have only family for the day.

Thank you again for everyone’s heartfelt prayers, and support. Paul is amazing us every day and we are excited for what God has in store for him. Please keep praying!

Thank you!!

Journal entry by Kara Overton

Referring to my last post about visiting tomorrow. Anyone is more than welcome to come hang out in the waiting room! We will be there all day and we always love the support!

Please keep Paul in your prayers for a successful surgery!

Thank you and God Bless!

Journal entry by Kara Overton

We were just informed that Paul’s surgery has been set for this Friday. His medical team assured us that he is growing stronger each day, so these two extra days of rest for Paul will be of great benefit for him. As always, thank you for your concern and continued prayers. We will keep you updated!

God bless,

Journal entry by Kara Overton

Hi everyone! Since I last posted Paul has been successful with breathing off the vent. Praise God! This is has been one of the biggest prayers since the beginning. We are so thankful for God and his faithfulness to His promises! Even though Paul has some bumps in the road he continues to overcome every obstacle! This just goes to show his strength and will power continues with him.  Paul has been improving with his alertness and movement as well. His nerves are starting to connect throughout his body allowing him to start doing more purposeful movements! We are currently researching Pauls next facility for more intense rehab. This transition should happen in the next week or two.


Throughout this journey our family has learned that it is important to take each day as it comes. Only God knows what each day will bring. Of course we want every day to be a perfect day for Paul, but in order to receive victory, we have to be prepared to go through some battles. Each obstacle we face we are face with two choices. The world expects us to react a certain way, but God wants us to react His way. 

We choose to not put our emotions and our circumstances in place of God. Instead we surrender to Him and let our Lord guide us through each present day. God never allows a problem to permit if it would affect His destiny for us. No problem here on earth is too hard for God. He is above all natural laws and nothing is impossible with Him! Instead of looking at the problem, we continue to praise God and thank Him for His promises and love for us. Positivity can change your life! The tongue can speak words that bring life or death. Those who love to talk must be ready to accept what it brings.” {Proverbs 18:21}

If we were to listen to the Doctors facts about Pauls diagnosis He would not be where he is today! 

My faith does not rest in the wisdom of men – but in the power of God.” {1 Corinthians 2:5}


Gods timing is absolutely perfect, and not a day goes by wasted with Him! God is never too early or too late. It requires a lot  of faith and patience, but We are continuing to trust His plan and timeline for Pauls complete healing! We know Gods plan for our family is well worth the wait!


Having Paul at Washington Hospital has led us to some amazing individuals. Many who work at Washington are incredibly inspired by Paul and his progression. They all say they feel the Holy Spirit in his room, and have amazing faith in his recovery! This is has been a reoccurrence since the beginning at Shock Trauma. Paul truly has an incredible spirit in him. 

All good things take time” We must keep reminding ourselves that the deed is done! Jesus has already provided healing for us physically. It is just a matter of time for Gods Will to manifest through Paul! All of our prayers have been answered, so we must continue to have the confidence and assurance of the things that have not happened yet. God is good and every promise He has is Yes in Jesus Christ with saying Amen. We are standing firm in our victory. One coincidence” we truly believe is from God, is Pauls favorite number throughout his life has always been the number 17. Number 17 stands for Victory in the Bible, and Paul Robert Overton is 17 letters. Therefore Paul has Victory in his name and we are declaring victory for Pauls complete healing in Jesus name! 



We serve an Almighty, merciful God, who loves us beyond our imagination. It is never Gods Will for us to be sick. He wants nothing but the absolute best for us! 

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” {Jeremiah 29:11}


 Please continue to pray and thank God for what he has done for Pauls healing and what he continues to do in his recovery. Please also pray for the perfect rehab to take Paul, and have him be successful wherever he goes. 

Thank you and God Bless! 

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Paul’s Story

Site created on August 28, 2018

Dear Family and Friends,

On August 16th, our beloved, Paul Overton was in a horrific motorcycle accident learning how to ride. With traumatic injuries to the arm, neck, and brain, we were told by doctors that Paul had little chance of making it. Without giving up hope Paul was sent to University of Maryland Shock Trauma where he is currently fighting for his life.

Paul is the most selfless, caring, most courageous person we know. Paul  truly has impacted every single person he has ever met. We sincerely believe Paul would not be here without the hope and prayers from everyone.  As we have been repeatedly saying this is the marathon Paul has truly been preparing for. If anybody could beat this, it's Paul. Everyday Paul has shown us signs that he is here listening, and in no way giving up. We believe in the Power of Prayer, and we know God is healing him right now. 

We are starting this page for Paul for updates regarding his conditions, visiting hours, fundraisers, and anything relating to him. Paul is strong and will continue to fight and finish this marathon for life.  We are continuing to thank God everyday for healing our amazing Paul. He is truly already a miracle. We are all #paulstrong and #prostrong for life. Thank you to everyone that has shown love and support, and please continue to pray for Paul's full healing. We know he'll be out of there soon! 

Much Love,
The Overton's