Thoughts & Well Wishes

Daryle Grounds | Nov 26, 2019

Paul and Mary:

Thinking of y’all today since Tuesday has sort of has been an unofficial visiting day for me, but I didn’t set up to come by today.  

Day after tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I’d like Paul to know that I always remember our standing Thanksgiving morning tee time:  when we were active golfers, we had an unspoken agreement that we’d always plan on playing golf on Thanksgiving morning, weather permitting.  For over 20 years we intended to show up on number one tee somewhere around town and we probably actually managed to do it maybe 5 or 6 times.  Seems I recall we didn’t need to pay a green fee a time or two, either.  Only weather interfered, or maybe I was traveling to Houston for my family, but we always would do it if possible otherwise.

Hoping you both find comfort today.


Daryle Grounds | Oct 15, 2019

Flew down to Houston this weekend and when flying back on Sunday I flew over the east Dallas golf course we couldn’t remember the name of when I visited.  Keeton.  That’s the name of it.  We never went there because you said it wasn’t worth it.  I then automatically remembered L. B. Houston, the other one we couldn’t recall and we went there fairly often.

Mystery answered.  Hope you’re feeling comfortable.