Journal entry by Molly Brooke

Just got off phone with Matt as I am still home with the boys after Santa's visit and things are looking extremely bleak(not that we were expecting a different outcome but...) Dad has not gotten out of bed at all today(which is a first) and has become non responsive as well.  So of course we are definitely getting down to the end.  Again, he still could hang on for a few more days but I highly doubt it will be much longer.  He hasn't taken any water today as well.  The nurse came and checked on him today and his BP and breathing and all of his vitals are still normal and regular but it seems the cancer has taken a hold of everything else.  I never heard this but back when dad was initially diagnosed, he had stated that he just wanted to make it through the holidays.  (I will admit, I never thought that would happen.)  Well, dad, you made it!  One last Christmas with your family on earth!  Yay and thank you! Next Christmas(and forever more) will not be the same.

To recap the last couple of days, he had lots of family as well as friends visiting.  Christmas day he got out of bed but stayed in his wheelchair and appeared to be confused and not able to take it all in.  One thing that is so hard about this happening at Christmas is that for years dad has always made a Christmas ornament for each grandchild out of wood and painted them as well.  Well, unknowingly, last year was our last one.  And I know my boys love looking at them each year and placing them on the tree.  They try to guess what this year's ornament will be (he has done stars, charlie brown, cabin replica, all sorts of things).  Well this year they will get an ornament but it will be a surprise and a bit bittersweet.  The tradition will continue on... Just not homemade as the rest of us aren't that talented.  😉

Anyway... Sorry I can't be more upbeat but I know everyone is wondering how things are going.  Matt is there with mom now and I hope to get up there again tomorrow.  I'll keep you posted and in the meantime ... Always be kind! 
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