Journal entry by Molly Brooke

Yesterday was a busy day at the cabin.  Laura, April and Ellie were the first to arrive with Vince and mitch right behind them.  It was nice as they were just in time for a visit from Fr. Gerard.  Fr. blessed us all and gave the last rites for dad as well.  It was such a nice visit as Fr. Is a very congenial priest and we are so thankful we have him.  He stayed for an hour or so and took the time to get to know us as a family a little better.  Such a blessing to have him in our corner and so thankful he took the time out of his busy schedule for us.  Dad slept through most of the visit but Terry noticed when we were saying our prayers that dad was moving his lips and trying to say them with us... Even though his eyes were closed.  He managed to wake up enough and say 'God bless' to Fr. before he left.

Dad slept off and on most of the day with nothing to eat and little water.  Once in awhile he would wake for a minute or two and be lucid.  The other times he would wake and say stuff that was nonsense.  We are giving him liquid medicine now as he is struggling to swallow.  He was in and out of his chair and we put him to bed at his usual time around 8:00.  We were watching a movie and mom heard something from the bedroom.  We check it out only to see dad trying to sit up.  Not that he is ever alone... But now we need to have an eye on him at all times.  It's a high, hard fall (hardwood floors) if he tries to get out of bed on his own. Definitely do not want that to happen!

Mitch, Laura and april had to head home in the afternoon but Vince and Ellie stayed the night.  Vince was very helpful with his youthful muscles in helping us transfer dad to and from wheelchair.  (good training for his nursing career  😉)   Mom and rose said the night was restless again and this time he was yelling a few times.  Nothing of substance but in his becoming weaker... His voice also gets softer and we have a hard time understanding him at times.  (not when he yells though! 😜) We woke up to a very nice peaceful snowfall that has been going off and on all day.  Not amounting to much but very pretty.  Vince and Ellie had to head home early this morning and we managed to get dad up from bed... but this time he wanted to be on the couch.  Matt arrived around 11 and will stay for the night.  We have dad sitting on the couch sleeping away during the Vikings game.  Gooo vikings!!

Terry and I are heading home later sometime today as santa comes to our house tomorrow and we want to be home for that🎅.  Matt and Rosie will leave tomorrow morning to celebrate with Teresa's family on xmase eve.   The Sexe's arrive xmas eve morning and they will be here xmas eve and xmas morning.  Neighbor Dick is stopping over xmas day as well.  Then Vince, april, Ellie, Matt, Teresa and Rosie will come back on xmas day.  Not sure how long everyone is staying.  I will be back sometime soon as well.  Time will tell as dad is hanging in there.  I suppose he wants one last xmas here on earth with our family.  I hope so for his sake but time will tell.  While we are thankful he is hanging in there... We all know it is near the end and it becomes bittersweet. 

I will sign off with my usual reminder to always be kind but also... Happy holidays from all of us Callahan's to you and yours!  Be thankful for another year with your loved ones as the next xmas is never guaranteed!  I know we would have never dreamed this is how our Christmas was going to be this year.   Much love to all!! ♥️
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