Journal entry by Molly Brooke

Just a quick update.  Nothing new really to report.  Mom said dad slept pretty active through the night but now is sleeping soundly.  She said he was saying very random things such as "cleaning up that dirt" or "you go left, I'll go right" and so on.  Who knows what is going on upstairs with him but mom seems to find it humorous so that is good.

Every day is a little bit weaker but he always keeps us on our toes.  Mom and I are figuring out how to move the wheelchair around the tight spaces and it has been an adventure.  At one point dad had to go to the bathroom and so we were moving him to the wheelchair and told him to sit down slowly.  Mom said there is no hurry to which dad replied 'that's easy for you to say'.  But probably 10 (long) minutes later we got him there. 😉😊

It dawned on both mom and I at 9 last night that dad officially did not eat a thing yesterday.  He is still asking for water and he is still taking pills yet so we are hanging in there. 

Today will be a bit busy as Laura is bringing Mitch's kids up for a visit.  Vince and Ellie will stay the night but Laura and April will head back this afternoon as April has to babysit this evening.  It is nice they are coming up and nice the weather is allowing for safe travels for everyone.  I am anxious to see how dad does with everyone here(the next few days are going to have lots of different company coming and going so hopefully dad can manage it all!)  Hope to get him out of bed sometime so he can be around.  May need to use Terry's strength today so that will be nice to have as an option (he was working in the garage most of yesterday).  Will see how it goes today.

Until next time ... Always be kind!
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