darlene nielsen|Dec 21, 2018
tELL YOUR Mom and Dad we are praying for them!! our beautiful friends WISH THERE WAS MORE WE COULD DO TO COMFORT them!! AS i READ MOLLY WORD i picture you in LakeHome with Paull slowly fad[ng Bless Paul with comfort and free of pain, with peace as he prepairs to meet his Lord. Sending many hugs and prayers Wishing we could come for a visit!!Peace and Love, Dar
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Eileen Yung|Dec 21, 2018
Prayers for peace and comfort .
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Brenda Gleason|Dec 21, 2018
Molly, Thank you for your update on your dad and mom. I look everyday for a message from you. I always feel a combination of extreme sadness and also comfort. I find your posts to be explaining what is happening in such real life words, I can always picture the day vividly. And I always see love, kindness and all the support you all have for one another. Please give your dad and mom a hug from me. My prayers will continue. Brenda
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Lola Brown|Dec 21, 2018
He’s resting up so he can soon spend some wonderful time with Angie. We love him and all of you so much.
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Barb Kolesar|Dec 21, 2018
Thank you Molly for the update. My heart aches for all of you, but such a blessing to see how your family works together to support each other and care for your dad. That has to be comforting to know the love that is in your parents home. God bless.....and prayers and hugs.
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Rita Gavle|Dec 21, 2018 (edited)
Thank you Molly. Love and prayers for all of you.
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Ruth Neppl|Dec 21, 2018

Once again thank you so much for your update. We think about your Dad and Mom constantly and wonder how it is going. Tears came to my eyes again when I read the end of your post. As you said you are doing, enjoy each moment you have left. And please give your Mom and Dad hugs for us.

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Karen Hansen Christensen|Dec 21, 2018
Love, hugs and prayers for all of you!!
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