Journal entry by Molly Brooke

So I arrived yesterday around 5 and dad was up in his chair.  He was sleeping but knew who I was when I woke him to say hi.  I know I have repeatedly said that he is so skinny but he is even skinnier than when I left him a week ago (and I didn't think he could get any skinnier.)  His face is sunken a bit so that is hard to see.  He recognized neighbor Dick when he stopped in for a bit and even was his usual polite personality and said how much he appreciated Dick stopping by.  Dick told him he got a haircut while he was in GA and of course it wasn't the same.  They just shaved it all around and not much conversation.  Nevertheless it is good to have Dick back next door again.

So mom says dad has not eaten much since I was here last Friday.  He did ask for some soup last night and that is when I notice he is still the most polite using his manners and saying thank you.  However, he is struggling to reach the spoon to the bowl to his mouth and drops the spoon and his cracker and such.  I know he hardly got anything in him.  Of course his stubbornness is still intact as he repeatedly refused our help in feeding him.  He wanted mom to sit beside him so she put a chair beside him and held his hand while he slept.  He reaches out in the air alot while sleeping and will wake up with some random mumbling. 

I was impressed and amazed and pleasantly surprised that he was in the chair...even if he is mostly sleeping.  However, it became a challenge when it was time to get him to bed for the night.  He started walking a little bit but then his legs and feet gave out and we had to carry him the rest of the way.  Luckily Terry was around to help us get him up into the bed.  Terry also ran into walgreens to pick up the liquid medications as we wanted them on hand for the night.  It turned out we didn't need them just yet as he was able to swallow the pills. 

Dad slept well through most of the night and is still in bed as of 10:00 this morning.  Mom said his body is stiff this morning and kind of hard to move.  He did sit up on the edge of the bed for a bit but has since then gone back to sleep.  She said he not as easily aware this morning and usually mornings are his best time of the day.  Essentially we are down to day by day as we will be surprised if we have a week left... Definitely not a month(and as mom always says, they can surprise us as it is the million dollar question as to how long it takes.)

Ok update... so he just woke up and asked for pain medication as he was having some pain.  We were able to get pills down once again but I am sure we will be using liquid meds soon.  We did get some water in him too so that is good.  He wants to get out into his chair but he isn't always alert enough help us.  We tried having him walk to the chair with the walker but ended using the wheelchair as his mind wants to walk but his legs just won't move.  When he sits up and is awake he tends to say random things such as "horsem" and "horsem grittle" out of the blue which always gets a chuckle out of mom, Rosie and I.  Just thankful he is out of bed for today.  

Am so glad I am able to be here to help mom out.  She is always saying that she couldn't do this without the support of her family...which is so true.  Dads care has become round the clock and is now much more physically taxing for mom so we need to be here.  And I wouldn't want it any other way.  And I know that if the situation were reversed, mom would be by our side as well.  (also very thankful for Terry's mom to come take care of my boys so I can be here!)   While it is a gloomy holiday for our family, we do try to find the things that we are thankful for no matter how big or small. 

As a true testament to the life mom and dad have lived, the support that has surrounded us during this time has been phenomenal!  Whether it be neighbors, family, friends or hospice nurses, we are so appreciative of all of the love you have displayed.  Whether it be through thoughts, prayers, notes, meals, visits,desserts, cards, emails, texts, phone calls, (I think you get the jist) ... THANK YOU! !  It all is much much appreciated!  Will try to keep you posted as often as possible!   Mom and dad definitely led by example in teaching me to be kind so with that, I will end this update.  
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