darlene nielsen|Dec 16, 2018
Thanks,Molly, for the up date!! I think of you all the time,Molly ,Paul ,Pauline, I hate the hurt you are going through--you all are loved and think how can we ease your pain.I pray to God for help and i would feel better to see all of you!! Lots of hugs and prayers DAR
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Coleen Haatvedt|Dec 15, 2018
Thanks so much for your updates, Molly. ~ I think of you all so many times every day and am so impressed with the loving care each of you are giving your parents. ~ I just hate the fact that you have to go through any of this. ~ Love always to all. đź’Ś
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Lola Brown|Dec 15, 2018
The sun is shining so bright. I truly believe Angie had a little talk with God and asked him to give your dad a bright light to come and be with her.
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