Journal entry by Molly Brooke

Dad waved his fist in the air at me today as I moved his walker away from him when he sat down in his chair.  He told me he didn't like it when I moved the walker so far away from him.  I said I was sorry but that was where it was when I first saw him.  That is when he attempted to smile and waved his fist in the air at me.  Good thing he doesn't believe in spankings, right Matt??  😉  (a long time ago Angie and Matt were having a conversation about mom and dad spanking them and as I entered the room I caught the tail end of it and was shocked that mom and dad spanked... Meaning *I * never got spanked.  But in reality I was just the good kid who didn't need spankings anyway!  Haha!  😅)   

Anyway today was a decent day for dad.  I feel he is weaker in his walking but he seemed to have more of an appetite today.  He actually ate breakfast, lunch AND dinner.  We were pleased with that.  While we were eating a delicious supper of shrimp pasta made by our very own personal chef took a drink of his wine, thinking it was water, and says "whew, that is fresh water" as he wasn't expecting wine.  Too funny!  He is weaker in his walking as he literally will stop mid-step and fall asleep standing up.  We have to wake him and redirect him to where he is supposed to go.  He just can't seem to go from one task to another without some prompting.  He will also be sitting or walking and just starts talking jibberish.  Saying things out of the blue that really have no rhyme or reason.  But our main focus right now is to keep him comfortable and without pain.  So we are able to get pills down still when he needs them.  We did have some company today but dad was drifting in amd out of sleep most of the visit.  But still, it is nice for mom to have the visits as I know she enjoys the company.  

This journey is definitely interesting for all of us.  Dad has such a healthy body that we are able to get these bonus days with him.  For that we are most grateful.  Yet I find it interesting that he says he isn't afraid of dying... But he is afraid of what's to come ... The unknown.  It really surprises me because if you know anything about dad, it is that he has always had such a strong faith.  Not sure what to make of that.  He says he worries about mom to which I tell him that we will take care of her.  He says she needs to relax and we are not sure what he means by that.  He could be joking, who knows??

We continue to get cards regularly every day.  Whether it be sympathy or Christmas cards, they are much appreciated!  Your kindness is noted and will not be forgotten.  Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers, words of encouragement and just plain taking the time to reach out to us!  We are so grateful!  As always, keep on being kind!  ❤️
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