Dorothy Nahnsen|Oct 2, 2018
Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
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Roxanne Flattery|Oct 2, 2018
Thoughts & prayers for your whole family. Please tell Paul hello from us & we wish him all the best!
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Cheryl Barber|Oct 2, 2018
So sorry to hear. Prayers to your family.
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Pat and Darlene Cox|Oct 2, 2018
Many prayers and hugs for all of you
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Mesa Cole|Oct 2, 2018
Molly you and your family are certainly in my prayers. Love you and anytime I see you I’ll just send you with a hug. ❤️ Thank you for the updates.
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Peggy Blenkush|Oct 2, 2018
So sorry to hear this. Cancer sucks.
Lord look over this beautiful family, help them to see Your love and kindness, give them strength to get through this difficult diagnosis.
Cancer leave Angie and Paul in the name of Jesus.
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Chuck Whitesell|Oct 2, 2018
Hoping for the best possible outcome for Paul. Our thoughts and prayers with you Pauline and family.
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Lola Brown|Oct 2, 2018
Pauline, Just a little advice from your baby sister. I know dad brought you and me up to be strong women. And we are. But sometimes it's ok to take a day and fall apart.
luv u.
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mary fritz barfnecht|Oct 2, 2018
Your post took my breath away as I read .
The prayer, God grant me the serenity comes to mind.
You have a wonderful supportive, loving family.
Praying for comfort and peace for Paul and your family.
My He wrap His loving arms around you all.
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JoAnn Evans|Oct 2, 2018
My prayers are with you and Paul, Pauline. Please let me know if I can do anything for you; take care of yourself as well.
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