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Aug 09-15

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Paul's two month follow up appointment since November was this past Friday, January 25th. The check up went well. The swelling continues to go down. However, it hasn't gone down enough yet for him to be able to have a complete swallow. We need to give it another two months for the swelling to continue going down before any further decisions can be made on trimming down the flap. We'll be back in March for our next follow up.

There's also a dip in his jaw between where the "new jaw" meets the old. Without teeth, his lip caves in and is also making his speech a bit more difficult. He's reached a plateau with the speech therapist right now. In February we will see a Maxillofacial Prosthodontist. This will be a consultation to see if he can withstand an implant in this area. The prognosis will be reviewed in March with Dr. Dyalram during his follow up.

On February 15, he will have his six month check up with his ENT, Dr. Meeks. He scopes Paul and would be the first to know should the cancer show signs of returning. Dr. Meeks has also done these flap surgical procedures years ago. He and Paul talked over his surgery back in September. We're anxious to see what he says about Paul's recovery. 

Unless something unforeseen happens, I'll be back with an update after the March 25th appointment.  

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