Journal entry by Linda DeLuca

Today was our first follow up appointment since the surgery on October 2nd. I had my long list of questions for Dr. Dyalram but she seemed to be one step ahead of me. She addressed everything one at a time. 

Paul has had this big over bearing boot on since day two. It was only removed to change the leg dressings and sponge bath time. The most difficult time was having to sleep with it on. My first question was to see if we could get a smaller, more manageable boot.  Instead, Dr. Dyalram says, "lets chuck the boot", and "did you bring the other shoe?"  Sadly we had not; we didn't expect to hear this! Paul has been doing so well with his stability while walking. This is huge; he'll be able to get back to his morning and evening walks now. He still has to have his walker just in case he gets unstable or light headed. We don't want him to go by himself right now either. Barb will be walking with him for the time being.

Our next concern was how much weight can he put on his leg/ankle without the boot? Dr. Joy, a senior resident reassured us that the fibula bone is a non weight bearing bone. Paul would not be compromised and it would not effect his stability and walking. They are correct. He's been doing great and you'd never know he lost this bone in his leg. That is until you see his leg. Now that's another story :)

Our other big concern is the "flap" as Dr. Dyalram calls it. This is the large piece of flesh that was removed from his shin area and attached to his neck. This large piece of flesh also has the blood vessels and nerves needed for the nerve graft. As well as the blood vessels connected to some live ones on the left side of his face to keep it a alive. This large piece of flesh will take 8-10 months to conform and have the swelling go down in his neck area. 

They removed half of the many many stitches on his neck and flap area. His leg wound where the "flap" was taken is healing well so far. It boggles my mind on how long this will take to heal. The wound is so large and thick. I found out the other day that the insurance will not pay for roll gauze. The will pay for 2x2 and 4x4 gauze squares but not the roll gauze. How do they determine this? :(  Needless to say, we need lots of rolls of roll gauze.  Insurance recommended Amazon. Sure enough, two day delivery with Amazon prime. I ordered 24 rolls delivered today. It relieved my stress a little :)

As a FYI, Paul has no more jaw pain. Is no longer on any antibiotics since being discharged from the hospital.  We have a swallow study appointment at GBMC in Towson next Wednesday. Then we go back to Dr. Dyalram on Friday, Oct. 26th. 
Looking forward to the weekend and Paul being able to get some much needed fresh air. Also taking Barb out for some good seafood :)

A huge thank you to Jimmy for cutting out lawn this weekend. We shouldn't have too many more. 

Thank you everyone for your continued support, prayers and special thoughts 😍 

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