Journal entry by Linda DeLuca

Today went well. Pamela the OT came and gave Paul some exercises to do daily. Now to fit them into the routine :) 

It was such a beautiful day and Paul is really experiencing cabin fever. He tried to sneak out for a walk! Barb finally realized it was the back door that had closed and saw him walking up the walk way! He can't be walking unsupervised yet because of his risk of falling right now. So she yelled at him to hold up and walked with him to the end of the walk and back to the house :) Hoping the Wednesday follow up appointment will get him a smaller more manageable boot. One can hope :)

He's going to have a very busy Tuesday with the nurse coming at 9 am; finally heard from the speech therapist, she's coming between 10-11 am; then the OT is coming between 3-4pm. 

One day at a steps.

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