Journal entry by Linda DeLuca

Paul is getting better everyday. Although he has a long road ahead, it's reassuring to see him improve bit by bit. 

He was moved out of the ICU on Saturday morning and move to the critical care unit. They also replaced his tracheostomy with a smaller metal one with a cap. If he does well with it capped for 24 hours, they will remove it on Sunday. 

Today is Sunday and they changed the dressing on his leg and removed one of the two drains in his leg. The tracheostomy was also removed. They did quite a number on all the stitches on his neck. They must of spent 20 minutes + cleaning and pulling crusty skin all around. 

He's able to walk with help from the nurses and a walker for now. They also have him sit in the recliner for a few hours daily. 

Word is he will be released to come home on Tuesday. Have yet to hear what the home care will entail.
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