Journal entry by Linda DeLuca

The surgery was yesterday morning. It started at 7:42 am. By noon Dr. Ord came out to let me know he had performed the tracheostomy with no problem and cut out a large portion of Paul's jaw. It was so brittle and infected, it had already broken in four more places. He said, "he must of been in a lot of pain". I confirmed, he had been in more pain then usual the last two weeks. His infection had become so rampant since he had been off the penicillin for 10 days. He took the fibula from Paul's left leg to form his new jaw bone, along with some flesh and blood vessels.  They also took some skin off his left thigh, about 8" x 4" in size.  This left Dr. Dyalram completing the microvascular part of the surgery. She connected the new blood vessels and created a nerve graph in hopes that he will regain some feeling in his face, lip and chin area. The complete surgery was over by 5:00 pm; a long nine hours! 

Dr. Dyalram was pleased that surgery went well. Paul would be moved directly to ICU and put on a ventilator. They want to keep him sedated for the next 24-48 hrs and on ventilator. This will give all the swelling a chance to go down some. 

Today, October 3rd he continues to do well. He is still sedated when I got in this morning. I got in just in time to be part of the doctor rounds. It consisted of nine doctors, residents and nurse practioners.  They all come together outside of his room and go over his entire history, surgery and strategy! It was just like the TV medical shows :-). They asked my opinion and let you ask questions.
The plan today was to take him off the ventilator. It finally happened around 3:30pm. They did keep him on oxygen. 

I finally left to come home by 7:45pm tonight.  I will be back in the morning. They talked about maybe getting him out of bed and walking tomorrow. They already have his feeding tube hooked up to a feeding drip as well.  Unlike AAMC, where he spent several times in the hospital, UMMC has been fantastic! It has helped relieve some of my stress, worried of how he would be cared for if I wasn't there. 
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