Thoughts & Well Wishes

esta baker | May 20, 2013
Yes, its been sometime since Paul's journey has had an entry. But to hear that he is doing well is great news. Its the day to day struggles that challenge us but then its a string of day to day successes that mean progress and hope.

My 85 year old Mother has been challenged by sarcoma on her left shoulder blade this past winter. Her care at the Cleveland Clinic has been wonderful. After four months of rehab, she is finally at home. Radiation reduced the tumor but surgeons removed a softball size mass in mid-December. Then three plastic surgeries to fill the gap. She and Paul are both fighters.

Love to you both, Esta
andrea robbins | May 15, 2013
Glad to read that all is doing well....I am still busy with antiquing and being the Gramma of four!!....Nicole and Wes have adopted a little it is 3 boys and 1 girl....April is the same age as Riley...almost 2 and Cody is 6 and Brady 4....Whewwwww.......also been busy helping Nicole pack to move to a new house about five minutes away from the old one....Still doing shows and lovin' the junque!!.....Looking forward to your updates.....Andi
Barbara Goulet | Jul 18, 2012
Parsnips and turnip, I would never have guest.  If you like it and it goes down all the better.  Wishing you both well every day, all day.  Tim is coming home for a week in Aug. so it looks like everyone will stay until spring.  Hunter is the serious man of the house and Isabella is a "playful", "terible" 2 year old.  Mike's sister is coming for a visit soon.  The house is always in chaos.  Love, kisses, hugs, prayers, Barbara
andrea robbins | Jul 9, 2012
It's so great to hear from you again!!!....Sounds like progress has been made .....and I am delited!!!....All here is status quo which means "good"....Brooke has just celebrated her first year living in charlottesville;I have spent lots of time in Va with Nicole and the boys;sales at the shop have improved for me; and I am getting ready to do another show in Chantilly.....Please keep us posted on Paul's progress ....I wish you both lots of happiness....Think of you both often...Stay cool....Andi