Thoughts & Well Wishes

MARTHA PRUNEAU | Jan 2, 2011
very dear linda & paul,
we are very happy about this journal to keep us inform.
we went to church this morning ,burn a special lamp for paul and call friends to pray, pray and pray.
i know god is with us ,he will be ok. he is a very strong man.
god bless you paul.
we love you, love you and love you.
from 1 paul cancer survivor and mom xoxoxoxo
esta baker | Jan 3, 2011
OK you two. Today wasn't the maniac Monday you thought it would be just another Monday miracle. The opportunity for a practice run before tomorrow. The chance to gather your strength from within and from others to help you through this regimen. It will be a regimen that saps your energy and emotions like boot camp. One day at a time then another and another and then its over. We'll all be along from the ride.
With hope and prayer, Esta
suzanne whiffin | Jan 4, 2011
Hi Linda C.,
     I just wanted to check in and let you know I am with you.  If you desire I can put Paul on our prayer is quite large and will surround you in prayer.   I can give you a hand if needed in a week or so...I am almost recovered, 5 more days of meds.  Call me ANYTIME.  Love you chickie.  Suzanne
Barbara Goulet | Jan 4, 2011
Hey brother Paul, I found the website.  I'm pretty clumsey with this stuff, but I'll try.  I love you and all my strength is coming to you each day.  I'll call you often to check on you and I'm coming to visit you soon.  Keep your humor and strength and march to the top of this mountain.  Love you lots and miss not being closer in miles.
Your sister.