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September 11, 2019

I am currently in need of a wheelchair to help with mobility.
My upcoming appointment with my neurologist will hopefully be of help, to see what's next.

Appointment Friday, the 13th.

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May 22, 2019

Hi my loving and caring family and friends!!

This is the newest update on my health
to those that would like to know.
To those that do not know, I have Perineuropathy in both legs now and nerve root disease in arms and neck.
I went to see my primary physician today, whom I have been blessed with. He put me on what he gives his cancer patients, which should give me relief and make me somewhat comfortable. I am trying CBD products as well!! Since my disease is progressing, I should have my wheelchair by Friday, so I can get out and enjoy some things, as right now, I'm at home only! Since I have limited use of both legs now, my cane and walker aren't doing me much good. With the wheelchair, I will be able to get out and hopefully enjoy things.  I will also be having some home health care, hopefully soon, as my insurance needs to authorize it!!
I see my neurologist in Tacoma next month to give me more information on what to expect on this journey in my life!!

That is the update! If it wasn't for Jesus' love and strength, I couldn't do it! So, I rely on him daily!!  I would really appreciate and need my families and friends love and support, as I could use it.
Residing here in the Pacific Northwest, I have my immediate family here, but the rest are scattered!!

Thank you all and love you much. Sorry this turned out to be lengthy for everyone, but I love to write!!