Thoughts & Well Wishes

Vicki Henning | Jun 17, 2019
So sorry for lose of your son. He was adorable. His pain and suffering are now over with. He’s a healthy little boy who can now run and play with the other kids. I told Marissa and Eric I’d send up a prayer for my husband to watch over Thomas and Tucker, he went to meet the lord in February and I’m sure he’s waiting for the tucker and his brother Thomas so he can teach them to fish and cook and love the Vikings. He will do the same with Gunnar. My husband loved kids and he’ll look after them all I’m sure.
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Sally Wallace | Jan 12, 2019
Thank God for the successful surgery and for the people who worked so fearlessly on Gunnar!  They are such a special gift to receive from Him.  I continue to pray for Gunnar.  Such a little warrior.  Your family picture touches my soul and I pray for continued good health for everyone as you walk,one day at a time, in this journey.  Carter, too, is such a darling little boy.  Love and hugs are sent to each and every one of you. 
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