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What is eSIM ?


Before we talk about eSIM technology, let’s review how our phones get registered to carriers’ networks so we can make and receive phone calls: Once you have purchased a phone, you’d buy a small chip called “SIM”,  an abbreviation for “Subscriber Identity Module”. From the name we can tell that this little integrated circuit is the way any telecommunication service provider’s network can identify you.


Now for we live in the technology era, things are getting smaller every day, with more advanced features and security. SIMs are, (or soon-have-been), great! It gave us the chance to communicate with others and send/receive SMS messages.


Most phones can operate one or two SIMs. That practically means you will need to replace your SIM whenever you travel or wish to use another phone number. The SIM technology has some limitations when compared to the modern VoIP (Virtual Phone Numbers) systems. VoIP telecommunication systems have way more features and safer encryption methods, and that led to a new telecommunication technology creation based on VoIP protocols.  Say welcome to eSIM!


What is eSIM Technology?


eSIM (Electronic or Embedded SIM). A telecommunication technology in which phones need no physical SIMs. eSIM technology is based on VoIP (Voice over internet), thereby, eSIM has outstanding features and services that regular SIM cannot afford to provide:  Multiple phone numbers (operators), enhanced security, many features and lower costs. No wonder eSIM is getting more crowd and expected to replace SIM in the near future. Many phones manufacturers, like Google and Apple, have introduced new products (phones and watches) that have built-in features especially developed for eSIM technology.


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