Honor Norma

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Gifted by Suzanne Shipman

“In honor of Norma Manis Laurie, I will miss Mama's sweet smile and greeting every time I go in to pick up my tuna sandwich.”

Gifted by Vicki Gosdin

“In honor of Norma Manis, the best Mom a girl could ever hope or dream to have. I love you with all my heart.”

Gifted by Sue Worrell

“Norma Manis, my best friend in all Texas! I miss you, but this isn't the end. When it is time, you will meet me at the door. See ya' later. Love Sue”
Laurie and Darrell Bowers

Gifted by Laurie and Darrell Bowers

“In honor of Norma Manis, my precious, precious Mama. God Bless her today and forever and ever. Love, Laurie and Darrell”
Mama's Diner Family

Gifted by Mama's Diner Family

“In honor of 'Mama' Norma from Mama's Daughters Diner”