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We entered the battle of our lives on June 19th, 2018 as we found out our healthy 2 year old babygirl had an aggressive cancerous tumor on her brain. Our first round of prayers were answered as we learned her surgery was successful and got the whole tumor out.  We learned the type of brain cancer she has is very rare and very aggressive. It's called ETMR. We honestly feel like being at Colorado Children's Hospital is the top hospital to be and we have already received top notch care and will continue to do so. We are asking for all of the positive thinking and prayers imaginable to surround us as we enter the next phase of our battle: aggressive chemo and bone marrow transplant. 

I will be taking the year off of work and Alex will be dropping down to 32 hours a week. We also found out that 6 weeks of our treatment will be done in Cincinnati during which neither of us will be working and will have extra cost of living expenses to figure out. If you feel so inclined, here is a link to our gofundme site set up by our dear friends. We promise to pay back by way of volunteering and spreading good energy back into our community.


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Journal entry by Caroline Andrew Dane

We had our 6 week MRI today to make sure there was no tumor regrowth (or new growth) and ensure her treatment is working- her brain and spine came back clean!! Hallelujah! The large cavity where her tumor was has shrunk down drastically and her brain has basically filled back in where it’s supposed to be. Definitely still healing in progress but the human body and modern medicine continue to amaze me!

We are currently in-patient due to low counts & fever. Her mucositis (mouth sores) seems to be a teeny tiny bit better this round compared to round 1. The chemo that causes it, doxorubicin, was cut back to 75% in an attempt to lessen the side effects. Thankfully, she doesn’t get doxorubicin again until we are back from Cincinnati so we are hoping that her chemo side effects will be a little easier to bear these next 6 weeks.

Nora’s blood counts all started to climb today so we are hoping and praying that she starts feeling better soon- I’m guessing it will take until at least Friday.

On Tuesday, Nora is scheduled to have surgery to place a G-tube directly into her abdomen. With the length of Nora’s treatment and her intolerance for the nose feeding tube, this is the safest way to ensure she is getting adequate nutrition. If all else goes as planned, we will start proton therapy in Cincinnati on August 27th. Onward and upward!

The prayers and positivity from everyone are doing the trick! Thank you!! Also, if you like to laugh, be sure to grab tickets for Bob & Tom’s show for Nora this weekend; Friday night in Indy & Saturday night in Lafayette!
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Caitlin, Josh, Jonah and Micah | Jul 22, 2018
Hi Nora!  We haven't met yet, but we are some of your Ontario cousins. We are thinking about you and your family lots and send our love. Jonah especially, has been praying for you faithfully every night since we first found out.  We think you are SO brave, and we know that you can do this!  Big squeezes from all of us! ❤️