Thoughts & Well Wishes

Pam Bass | Aug 12, 2018
How can I express what a wonderful young man our Nolan is to know..he never lacks a broad smile, he has a gentleness about him that is heartwarming, his caring for others is always showing, the word 'cupcake' has no other meaning than Nolan's at the plate & Ali is there cheering⚾
I remember being at a tournament in Norman, OK last year when Nolan ran across the street to be sure George & I didn't need help getting into the stadium, this year in Wichita he saved us from parking on the wrong side of the entrance & having a long walk, he is 100% always watching out for others. A hug from this gentle giant is always heartfelt.
We love you Nolan and with God's help & guidance you will prevail.
Your life is full of possibilities that your family & all of us that love you will be anxiously watching the paths you choose. Never give up hope and remember: You got this cupcake❤
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Ella Boxx | Aug 10, 2018
To one of the most talented kids I have seen, I am so sorry. I was never a kid who was very close to you, but I had seen you a couple times in school and playing in the Mill Valley baseball games. I will never forget the story my parents had told me when they encountered you at the Other Place. You were with your friend Quinton Hall and some little boy was a fan of yours. You guys had went to get a baseball to sign for him, and he was so excited when you gave it to him. I have been praying unconditionally for you and your family and I hope everything gets well soon and stay strong!!
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