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Welcome to Nolan Graham's CaringBridge website.   We are using it to keep his family and friends updated in one place.  We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement.  Thank you for visiting. 

Son, Husband, Father, Brother, Friend, Athlete, Coach, and Force to be Reckoned With -- all titles that make up Nolan Graham.

Nolan was hit by a car in early March while walking in a parking lot to his car with his 7 year old nephew. He had sustained skull fractures and a bleed in his brain. He is conscious and thankfully does not have any other fractures or internal injuries. He is currently receiving excellent care in ICU at Albany Medical Center.    Nolan's wife Crystal and his family are asking for your prayers, positive energy, and great wishes for a full recovery for Nolan.   We will be updating Nolan's Caring Bridge site with information on how to support Nolan and his family during this time, and of course his progress.  

Newest Update

Journal entry by Meghan Graham

How December got here so quickly...I have no idea. 

Here's a recap of the last few months...

We left Troy at the beginning of November and decided to stay at a family condo in Arizona before heading to the Pacific Northwest. We couldn't pass up the chance to soak up the healing sunshine:) We will head home for Christmas and start our search for a permanent residence in the new year. 

In regards to Nolan's injuries...
the final scan (taken in early November) of his wrist showed 80% healing and the Dr. is confident it will heal 100%. 
Nolan has made strides in many of the areas of the brain that were injured. He continues to work on healing with the help of a Doctor trained in Functional Neurology. These treatments aren't covered by medical so we are using the money raised to help cover these costs. We won't know how much Nolan will regain...the brain is so complex and also amazing. People often is he doing...and I struggle to answer that question. Pre-accident Nolan is different from post-accident Nolan. There aren't good days and bad days...each day is broken down into moments...there are good hours and bad hours. He can do many of the same things he did before but there are many things that he can't yet. The effects of the last 9 months on our relationship adds another component. There are so many layers to this experience...its complicated and confusing. I only share this because I know that the majority of people who read this have experienced or are currently experiencing their own heartache, challenges or tragedy. I guess my purpose is to be honest and to share that there are some less than ideal circumstances occurring and sometimes it can feel like it's really hard and that's okay. I know we are not alone in this. Our journey is not just about the 3 of us and our experience...we want to take what we have learned and offer help to others as it has been so generously offered to us. 
We go to bed with and wake up with a grateful heart for so many things. We made a promise to one another to stay together through thick and thin, in sickness and health and we will work at keeping that promise. We will work together to give Ellie the best life possible and to be examples of optimism, perseverance and love. 
Having the support from all of you has helped make it possible for us to work through this challenge and to come out as a better husband, dad, wife and mother. Thank you.

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