Honor Noah

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Gifted by Mike Ksicinski family

“In honor of Noah Filer We are proud of your courage and progress. Keep it up ! We are proud of you too Jenni for your love of this man.OOOOO XXXXXXX”

Gifted by Michelle Burns

“In honor of Noah Filer. I'm so proud of you and Jenni! You will forever be in my prayers with love and hugs”

Gifted by Mike Powell

“In honor of Noah to all in fire/ems”

Gifted by Jerry, Shawn and Trent Hinrichs

“In honor of Noah Filer and his family and the journeys they will encounter.”

Gifted by Dennis,Cheryl,Skeel

“In honor of Noah Filer, we love you Noah keep on fighting”

Gifted by Rockford Skeet and Trap club

“In honor of Noah Filer”

Gifted by Brian & Amy Filer

“In honor of Noah Filer”
Leslie Filer

Gifted by Leslie Filer

“In honor of Noah Filer”

Gifted by Randy Filer and Anne Wellnitz

“In honor of Noah Filer”
Jeff Filer

Gifted by Jeff Filer

“In honor of Noah Filer”