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Journal entry by Nik Gentry

Over the past few weeks I have been working with the Veterans Administration Brain Injury Program, Boston University, to donate for medical research my stroke ravaged brain. I realize the benefit from this academic trial will be long after my worldly existence, yet perhaps l shall offer an insight to the furtherance of neurological science. 

Two years out I am always trying to find ways to better my circumstance. I plan on undergoing a procedure at Vanderbilt University Hospital this June to assist my stroke recovery. The road ahead will not be easy, yet I take your love and kindness in every step I walk and every attempt to raise the fingers on my right hand.

I speak in unique tones with neurologists concerning the hole in my left brain and necrotic tissue where once gray matter dwelled. I am simply mindful that each day is a gift. We never should take a moments breath for granted. One day all the big things we assume are vital in life become truly insignificant. 

I am VA-BU-CLF brain donor #4965. One last gift to perhaps better the lives of others beyond my time, forever and anon…


(P.S . - My injury was due to an intracerebral hemorrhage and not any sports wound or combat activity. The University is studying all types of traumatic injury, including my type of cardiovascular event.)
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