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March 30, 2020

It's a Monday and we all are doing a reset

As he says Nick's brain is finally ready to start "working again" He has had a couple of good conversations with his professors about what he missed (weirdly, thankfully, not as much as he would have due to the virus closing down Cornell) so in this next week he will spend many hours catching up to be ready for on-line classes starting next week, he will also have another PT appointment on Wed this week, he has been doing exercises to increase core strength (ya think!) and also hip strength and balance. He has been enjoying playing video with Anders and sharing random cooking videos and ideas with me (look up "preserved egg yolk" on Bon Appetite)

Grandma is "ok" no Covid! I never would have imagined that it would be a relief to know she had UTI.

We are so grateful to have this place and all of you and others for love and support

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March 26, 2020

It's been awhile and lots has happened both good and not so good. It was such a relief to get out that hospital, (I didn't mention it previously but ECMC in Buffalo where we went was a pretty rough place, the ER was full of homeless and uninsured and the acute rehab floor he ended up on was full of people detoxing or with other issues that caused chaos. It was understaffed and overwhelmed, the nurses were stretched to their limits and the critical care doctors were shared between 2 hospitals in the city) so getting back to Grandma's place was awesome for both of us, until it wasn't.

Soon the virus concerns started to ramp up, William was flying into NY from St Louis but he may have been exposed and flying became risky, I deep cleaned my mom's place and stocked her up with food and we left Mar 17th for the lake to avoid exposing her to William and any people we would have been in contact with at the hospital, PT or grocery/pharmacy etc. As I type this, mom has been running a fever off and on for 24 hours at least, they say she is not eligible for hospital unless she has respiratory symptoms, so far none, and there are no test kits available to her so we wait and see, Chris and Dave are near by thank God.

Nick was able to get the last appointment for PT about 40 minutes from the lake and also finally was able to see his friends, they visited from Ithaca, 13 in all showed up, this was the first he'd seen of them since that awful night, I made corned beef and potatoes, a real Irish meal, but they stayed so long that day, I reverted back to pasta and italian sausage for dinner. Seeing his friends was very therapeutic for Nick and raised his spirits quite a bit even as they discussed the cancellation of classes and Graduation and realized most would be going home for good very soon. 

That weekend, William flew in from St Louis, taking an abundant of caution to stay away from anyone, change clothes and shower etc. It was quite weird. Anders drove to the lake from Boston, cat and all, Jack and Sara (cousin and girlfriend) came as well. They are isolating themselves at the Stockings lake house although we can have campfires, just keeping 6 feet away.

On Monday, we had to return to Buffalo for a follow-up. By then Nick had run out of pain meds and the PT exercises were getting very difficult as well as sleeping well. The hospital of course was not allowing visitors and patients needed to register in a separate location etc. people were not behaving well, not keeping their distance etc. But at least Nick was able to get his prescription refilled and we will not have to go there again. The 4 hr round trip plus a stop at the grocery were exhausting for Nick but in the last couple of days he seems to be doing better.

Yesterday was a bad day, too much stress!! In the morning we found out about Grandma's fever...
Then the detectives in charge of finding Nick's assailant came by (keeping their distance) to show him head shots to identify, but he couldn't make a good identification, he really only remembers the body type, it was a reminder of that awful night...then our 15 yr old beloved Kitty suddenly became very sick, started convulsing uncontrollably, we took her to the vet but their efforts to control the convulsions failed and we lost her, even though she a great long life, the end was traumatic and upsetting to us all, Nick's pain kicked in again, but he was able to sleep in today...

We hope everyone is staying safe and well, we are so grateful to everyone who has been supporting and praying for Nick, please know that your well wishes have been a very important foundation to his recovery and you will always be in our hearts
Also, our Kitty was throwing up and very weak and confused, Nick held her for a long time,


March 13, 2020

Hey everyone, he's OUT again and we hope for good!! Staples have been removed and the drain was pulled out. Staple removal (56 in all) was painful but he was distracted by the cute resident surgeon who went to Cornell, they talked all things Cornell while he squeezed the sh.. out of my hand. The drainage tube was a different story, another cute Cornell grad pulled it, just a very weird sensation (he said like a tapeworm coming out) (not that he's ever had a tapeworm...too much River Monsters) The upshot of the whole 48 hr plus ordeal was that the radiologist didn't perform the correct procedure and then went awol so the trauma surgeon had to wait until he could get together with him to discuss the results...anyway they determined that a small portion of the liver is necrotic from lack of blood supply (which we knew) and the necrosis is resolving which had probably caused the fever. So again No Infection, No Fluid. Better safe than sorry, I'm glad we went to the ER even though it was such a difficult experience because if it was an infection it would have been very dangerous. We got home (to Grandma's in Buffalo) about 4 pm yesterday. Nick finally got to open his packages sent from his friends (which were hilarious) and see the gorgeous flowers etc. that were sent (I am jealous!) Woke up today and didn't have to go to the hospital YEAH!!!


March 11, 2020

He's back in :(:(:( Yesterday afternoon we decided to take Nick to the ER in Buffalo, because he had spiked a third fever of over 102. In hind site, it was unnecessary, but we didn't know that then. The ensuing ordeal of waiting in the ER waiting room for 41/2 hours, then another several hours in the ER where they did some blood work and a CT to check for infection or abscess or whatever was exhausting and psychologically debilitating. At first we were told the results from the CT showed that he was fine, no infection etc. Then another surgeon thought he had a "collection of fluid" and would need to reposition the abdominal drain...so they admitted him at 2 am today. Today, after starving him for a possible "procedure" and taking him off his meds even though his pain brought him to tears (basically torturing a guy who gets grouchy without food much less the pain of post trauma surgery) they did an ultra sound. Similarly to last nite, the radiologist said there was no fluid to be drained but the attending surgeon has not reviewed/got on board with the diagnosis and we are still here waiting...
On a lighter note, Nick has been binge watching "Forged in Fire" which is a reality TV show about Blacksmiths competing to make deadly knife blades...part of the competition involves testing the blades on dummy torsos complete with organs and blood spilling out HAHAHAHA really Nick?


March 9, 2020

Maria Hudson|3 minutes ago
Nick 's OUT!! He was released yesterday afternoon a beautiful day to be alive !!! Jack and Anders were able to say goodbye and return to Boston with a much better outlook as well as weather...So we are at the lake today re-grouping, collecting the pets and trying to set up post-hospital care (which has kept me on the phone all day) Nick has been doing well in the last 24hrs except for some unexplained but scary spikes in temperature, the first was shortly after he got home and took a nap, maybe it was the comforter or maybe it was Kitty on his lap but luckily the fever broke and went down...he also woke up with fever and shivers at 4 am...yikes! but since then he's been fine all day and eating well, walking in the yard a little and generally just resting. Later today we will drive up to Buffalo to stay at grandma's house, I finally got the post surgery nursing set up there and hopefully we can get the staples (all 54 of them) out later this week in there as well. He also has an abdominal drain which we hope can be taken out there as well...gotta work on that tomorrow :) In the meantime Aunt Chris , Uncle Dave and cousin Katie have been busy shopping for beds and linens so that Nick and I will both have a good nites rest once we are there. William is still with us although glued to his screen and phone due to the market crisis, he'll be flying home to St Louis tomorrow am early, I'm gonna miss him but hopefully this will be a few weeks of recovery that will last a lifetime


March 6, 2020

Hey everyone,
so it's been a busy couple of days but all is good!
Tues was a good day until it wasn't Nick had a huge pain event starting around 4pm and lasting into the nite

Wed was a new day with a new pain strategy that worked pretty well but was touch and go all day Wednesday Still he got up and walked, and also got a real shampoo and went to the toilet by himself...sorry tmi

By yesterday afternoon he was ready to move out of ICU to the "floor" a whole new world!!
Did I say it's all about pain control ?? As soon as he was down there the pain kicked in and he had to protest the reduction of pain meds. They did figure it out but really ?!!? The good thing was that he had a roommate for the first time and the guy sweet and hysterical! Another really good thing was that I was able for the first time in a week to go home to the lake and sleep in my own bed. William has been coming back and forth but I was staying in Syracuse at a Marriot thanks to a friend and then at a guest house.

Today, Friday, was a good day, I got there later but Nick was fine, he had been up and walking twice and was eating and also, well...you know...today was the first day he has had an appetite. He talked with many many friends today, he had around 175 texts to respond to !! Nick will probably be released Monday to Grandma's house in Buffalo in maybe 1-2 weeks the sutures will come out but the big question is still drainage from the kidney, the kidney needs to heal itself so they can take out the drainage tube from his abdomen.

If you want to visit or send stuff to Grandma's house let me or Nick know and we will send the address

gratefully Maria


March 03, 2020

Nick is standing strong!


March 2, 2020

So much happened today, the morning started with a tired Nick, he had woken constantly in the night with pain, the pain management team made a decision to change the combination of drugs and it seems to be a good one But still getting into the chair and upright put him into another world of pain again😬 so they adjusted the catheter in his spine and gave him a boost of drugs to calm everything down again along with Reiki treatment... haha both he and I were skeptical but who are we to know the ways of the spirit...after 2 hours in the chair the PT guy finally came to take him for a walk By this time both the pain meds and the Rieki had kicked in Nick was awesome He walked around the whole floor got shaky at the end but kept going After the “walk” he got in bed and was good the rest of the day, by the end actually eating his first real food since last Wednesday The guys (Zach Anders and Jack) set up Lord of the Rings (2 towers for you nerds out there) which was a great distraction Nick was rewarded by eating by getting hiccups which would be funny except it was excruciating due to the injury...the hiccups were resolved by an equally excruciating coughing bout...when we left around 8:30 he was happily ensconced with the rest of 2 towers and hopes for sleeping