Honor Nicholas

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Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Nicholas Rogers-Press on!”
The Dowds from Okoboji Island

Gifted by The Dowds from Okoboji Island

“In honor of Nick Rogers”

Gifted by Steve & Connie Brockhaus & Family

“Nick, The web sight makes us feel like we are closer to you. We will keep praying and you keep working on your recovery. You Can Do It Nick ! ! :)”
The Morgan family

Gifted by The Morgan family

“In honor of Nicholas Rogers”

Gifted by Jackie L. Austin

“In honor of the courage and determination of Nicholas Rogers. Be strong and never despair!”
Larry Etler

Gifted by Larry Etler

“In honor of Nicholas Rogers”
Sue Siedschlag

Gifted by Sue Siedschlag

“Be strong & stay focused, its a rough task but you can overcome it. Just give every day your best effort. I too broke C4,5,& 6 at 19 - you can do this”
Jeff & Sheri Tjossem

Gifted by Jeff & Sheri Tjossem

“Keep giving your all through your therapy - you're in our prayers.”