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On April 30th. I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.  This is how I kicked ass and told cancer it does not have me!!

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Journal entry by Nicole Stoutenborough

A moment...

As you wake up this morning, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support. And share a little bit of what's going on in my brain...

I have not been told how many shirts have sold, I have not been given a dollar amount,  I haven't even tried to imagine.

What I want to thank you for is sticking by me. Not giving up on ME.

I know that I am not the same person I was at this point last year. I have changed drastically,  physically and emotionally.

Most of the time, I am still smiling and laughing.(this is shown in my typical FB selfies)

And then there's the side that doesnt get "caught" in a picture.  The side of me that is snappy and quick to "go off".

This is someone I don't even know or like.

For those closest to me, you know this isn't me and you still help me get through my days and help me to remember who I am. THANK YOU.

There's a line, in this stupid cancer battle.

A line that I never would want any of my friends and loved ones to EVER experience. A simple comment can push you over this line and into what I am now learning is depression. And once you cross that line, it's so hard to crawl back.

I'm still trying. I'm still fighting. I just ask that you continue to be by my side and fight with me! 

Thank you. Stick with me.  It can only get better.

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