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Hey all,

Since returning home I've been improving every day.  I'd say since last weekend I feel like myself.  It's been a journey, for sure.  I've been getting out more enjoying all the things the season brings.  I'm so thankful to all of you.  I thought I'd address some questions many have asked:

1)  What are the chances of this happening again?  1%

2)  Do I still have pain? No

3)  How are the kids?  God designed kids to be resilient creatures.  It helps while they visited me in the hospital I looked "normal".  There were many on the ICU unit who were in way worse shape.  Plus, family rallied around us to help keep things as normal as possible for them. 

4)  What is the medical plan now?  I am lucky to need NO medication or future scans.  I also don't need any cognitive or occupational therapy.  It is a miracle as I arrived to the hospital in a flight for life and walked out 8 days later with no additional medical assistance needed. 

5)  Why did it happen?  They don't know.  What I experienced falls in the "stroke" family.  The only risk factor I have is some family history on both my mom's and dad's side.  

6)  What have I learned?  Know your own health!  The fact I got help quickly and knew something was wrong likely saved my life.  The doc said 1/3 of people don't even make it to the hospital.  One other thing I've learned is people are good.  My tribe kicked into high gear when i needed it the most.  Also, things can end quickly- make each day count. 

For 2020, I wish you all happiness and good health.  If I haven't seen or talked to you I look forward to it soon.  Thank you for all your love and support.  It will not be soon forgotten.  This will be my last post.  Feel free to contact me directly from now on.

Merry Christmas!

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