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9 Tribute Donations

Gifted by Christine Handy Burden

“In honor of Nate Kittelson”
The Allred, Eneboe, Mullins Family

Gifted by The Allred, Eneboe, Mullins Family

“In honor of Nate Kittelson; a Courageous faithful man we wish you an awesome Journey Home! Much love and prayers to Spence, Shelia and family”

Gifted by Jim, Judy, Michael and Nicholas Kent

“Praying for strength and healing.”
Anne Kunze

Gifted by Anne Kunze

“In honor of Nate Kittelson”

Gifted by The Witzkes

“Hang in there Nate! You're in our prayers! Love, The Witzke family.”
Adam Russell

Gifted by Adam Russell

“In honor of Nate Kittelson. We love you Nate! Lord, thank you so much for Nate and the positive influence he has had on many lives including mine!”

Gifted by Terry and Julie Hutchison

“In honor of Nate Kittelson”
Cindy Whitcomb

Gifted by Cindy Whitcomb

“In honor of Nate Kittelson”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Nate Kittelson”