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Aug 02-08

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Today is just one of those dates that is embedded within. It is not that it is used against you, it is that you embrace it with love and the memories- all of them from a life- that it beholds.

I think this day used to be hard as it marks the day Nate left, yet I do not dread it as I once had. Today is 6 years since he took his last breath, but it is 6 years that I still feel he watches over all of us.
Some days I could still consider him to be his onery self.. and hear the echo of how I make much to much of this.. change your "o" to an "e".. or simply ..'do what makes you happy'

He was a character- and he is missed as well as remembered. His presence is still felt in times of need. I love the friends that share their stories... a picture shows up,..a song on the radio..  a memory of baseball or a random #17... and even a swirling of cotton in the wind.. He is in his own Field of Dreams being an angel.. playing more games than just baseball.

Today is not a sad day. It is a day to smile- to remember- and to be happy to be a part of his story.

Love and Blessings-


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