Ant Ellie|May 21, 2015
If it's a smile that is wanted on this day, then here is one, from a long time ago. Nate was not likely two years old yet, because David hadn't been born (although that's not to say that Sal wasn't pregnant with him at the time). The then Jurney family, party of only three, came to visit me and my ex-husband at our house in Danville, CA. Nate was quite active, and his wise parents tugged along a toy car for him to tool around in. He raced around in that thing (inside the house), when apparently an out of place ottoman got in his way. He pounded on the horn of his toy car, and said "Beep, Beep Asshole"! Amidst the dropped jaws, and concealed laughter, the only words spoken were "He didn't get that from me!"... Hmmmmm? Even as a toddler, Nate charmed the room, warmed our hearts and made us smile. And what a testament to who he was that he can still do the same today...
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Mary-Beth|May 21, 2015
I love the first sentence....
I am sad Nate is gone and I miss him everyday. I refuse though to let that define the relationship and time I had with him. I remember his smile, his strength and the joy he brought to my life. What an honor I was afforded!
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