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4 years

May 21st marked the 4 year mark of Nate's passing. I stil find it hard to believe time has passed at all for there are moments it still feels like yesterday. then there are moments when it feels like so much time has passed and I have been numb to it. There have been some exciting things happen that i am sure Nate is proud of.. Dave graduating college- Dan graduating High School-and Nicole making some life choices for herself. i know Nate watches over them. As he does a few others- there always seem to be little reminders of him that trinkle in and just let you know you are okay. His strength still shines through.
I loved the snow on Mother's day.. that would be a trinkle.. snow just for me! 
Life is still flowing.. and  we are going with the flow wherever that floats to!
I still so appreciate all of you - all of the support- kindness and love - thank you.. I do hope  you all keep in mind to do what makes you happy.
There are still so many of his Nate-isms that come to mind.
Thank you...

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