Nate's Jurney


I wanted to share some news and request for you to share.

the time has come to put Nate's story in a book. A friend, Kal Rucker reached out who is a sports writer and wanted to write on Nate. It has become our project as we share our perceptions.. kind of like from the inside out.

It is at the beginning stages as we sort through stories, organize thoughts and decipher direction. There are obvious people he will want to talk to and have questions for as well as this request if you have anything to share- how Nate maybe effected or inspired you. You can leave it here on caring bridge, or email, call or text either one of us.

Kal Rucker: or 303 834 5604

Sal : or 720 270 9373

It has been interesting to look back and put things together. The things we miss in life while it is happening yet when seen again show how God is always with us, preparing us for what is to come.

Now it is time to share Nate's Jurney and put all the little moments together from the beginning of his days and how they connect to the end of his days.

Anything you have to offer will be appreciated, valued and add to the writing of his courageous vulnerability with cancer.

Thank you!!!



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