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I wanted to honor Nate today as we are at the three year mark.

It is three years today that he took his last breath. Somedays it feels like yesterday and other times it feels so long ago. The most touching thing is regardless of time, we still get told stories from people we hardly know how Nate touched their lives. Someone this weekend, once realized who we were, asked us to read his daughters blog.. and someone we know well shared how growing up with Nate impacted her son.  My own mother still has stories to share from when Nate stayed with her.

So as this is the proverbial third year, please share a favorite Nate story. Stories are what help the healing, touch the heart and keep the love flowing. Nate no longer being here has moved all of us differently as grief is a personal experience and asks us to accept, forgive and change in ways we may or may not be ready for.  Life for us all is just a constant story.

As far as our "now" story, it continues. We do feel like home in our new house, all the kids will be home this summer, and Mark is in the midst of planning the 5th annual Win The Battle tournament in July. Baseball is still a household word and Dan played at Nate Jurney Field this spring for Ralston Valley. Nicole is home from her second year at ASU and Dave finished his third year at CSU. I am sure Nate would be proud yet still have some comment to add to the story!

Thank you for checking in and thinking of Nate. I am still in awe of the support, love and prayers that was showered over us during those trying years and even now.  how blessed we are!! 

 please do leave your favorite Nate story.



"Take no thought for what should be or what should not be, but seek ye first to know the good of God, which already is"



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