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I wanted to update and share the new scoreboard at Ralston Valley. How cool!! I feel so blessed and appreciate all those that helped make that happen. Words cannot describe how it feels.

It also comes on a day when I am in where all of you have been on our journey. Its different to switch seats. My heart still aches and my tears still fall and I still want my wand to make it all better for everyone. But all I have is a little bit of hope that needs to be shared.

 I went to meet friends tonight with a heavy heart. Woody Roseland, our recipient from last years Win the Battle tournament, who spoke at this years tournament, found out cancer returned. It is in his lungs. I have enjoyed meeting this young man and his incredible attitude. I laugh at his youtube videos and feel honored to call him friend. He is the definition of taking ordinary to the extra-ordinary. Google his name or go to 9news.com..http://www.9news.com/video/default.aspx?bctid=1820289673001
 they did a story on him last night and have a link to his website. I want a wand.

I also have been following a young man in his freshman year of high school at Ralston Valley fighting the same cancer Nate had although different location. They are in a place no one should have to be and I hurt for them knowing how it feels.  I want my wand for them.

As I have wand in hand I want it for our other friend who has surgery tomorrow to figure out what is going on.. after chemo the spots still light up.

My wand however is that of thought. The finding out of Nate's sign at the field touched my heart and driving back from meeting friends, was the most beautiful rainbow. A rainbow is God's reminder of love for us. That is my wand. The little things God shares in times we need to see them as big. To be the little bit of hope I can share and hopefully spread. Mother Theresa said it is small things done in great love that make the difference. I am sharing the sign in great love, sharing the rainbow in great love that perhaps just this small thing can add together great hope and make a difference. That is all my wand can do. Maybe we all need a wand.

As always, I appreciate you allowing me to ramble my thoughts. I truly never would be where I am without all of you and your kindness, support and love. As you gave us prayers, mine go out as well. I truly appreciate and value you all.



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