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I wanted to say Happy New Year! Today marks 20 months and its still not much different than any other month.. maybe time does not heal all wounds??

This will be my last update here. From now on my energy in writing is going to a book for Nate's story to be told. The message in his story is my New Years Message to you!!!!

I have been re-reading notes, articles and ideas. I came across a consistent theme. It fits a lot of what friends are going through right now. Including the young adults we know going to study abroad. How proud of you we are and envious of your experiences!! How awesome! And the friend who quit a great job to follow a dream as well as friends struggling with other lifes challenges. Life is perceptional.

So my constants will be in threes like fairy tales.. the three bears, three little pigs, three billy goats, etc.. I love fairy tales and always look for the happily ever after...  :)

So the first is from one of my favorite parts of the Shack. I know Nate's favorite went in to last years "Nate-isms". Mine is chapter 14- Verbs and Other Freedoms.. in essence- God is a Verb.. it uses the words responsibility and expectancy. The word expectation is a killer. It is expectancy that you want. Responsibilty is really your abity to respond. To be the 'I am' and not get stuck in a noun 'role'. It is a chapter worth reading.

Second is a quote from an article off of the RV Express. It hit home to read this and applies to anything we face in life. Cancer or just lifes challenges or changes.. "Nate told everyone to play every game as if it were the last. Most people would decide to do everything in order to stay alive, however Nate did everything in order to live." Shay Hicks- It flows with what was being said in the Shack.. and how many of us are just staying alive?

Which goes to the third.. Better than a Hallelujah.. when you are living in order to live not just to stay alive then you are the better than a hallelujah.. still love that song-

Truly do hope you all decide to live over just being alive.

That is the New Year message-

Love and Blessings to you all!



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