Thoughts & Well Wishes

Fran Whiting | Sep 3, 2012
It is funny how life works.  I ran into Lisa at the grocery store yesterday and asked how you were all doing.  Thanks for keeping in touch as we all feel as though we are a part of your extended family and think about Nate and his family frequently.Our thoughts and prayers are always with you.  You are such a wealth of understanding and inspiration for all of us, struggling with illness or just life.  Take care of yourselves.  Fran
Lisa Knipp | May 23, 2012

Thank you for the post and as always sharing your special words that mean so much to us.  We think of Nate all of the time.  Many times it is in the cloud formations above the boys baseball games.  I know he watches over because I often see those little openings in the mass of clouds where the sun shines down near the field in a very special way.

He will always be there...

We love all of you
Chris Yokley | May 22, 2012
Such a nice surprise to get the notice that you had posted something. Being around RV baseball this past week brought up lot of memories. It's been two years but feels like yesterday. My heart goes out to all of you. Sarah you are the strongest and most positive person I have ever met. I look forward to reading your book.