Thoughts & Well Wishes

Carolyn Sells | Mar 30, 2015

Hard to believe 25 years ago today I heard that first cry, saw the bright eyes and those big hands!  Just one of our "moments" that bring a smile to my face and a song to my heart.  Missing you Big Guy, as does your entire "family"

Love remembering you, Gran

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Dawn Buringa | May 28, 2014

Hello - time does continue to move on.  It doesn't mean we don't think of special people we have crossed paths with, it just seems to be there is more time in between thoughts.  Sounds like the kids are officially growing up. Congratulations!  I look back at the photo journal and still am proud to have been a small part of the journey.  Hope you all are well......

Cheers!  Dawn

Carolyn Sells | Aug 21, 2013
Well Nate, thirty nine months have gone by since you earned
your wings.  Stephie is awaiting the birth of Miles and I just suggested she take a run at lunch so he could arrive today.  She and Ryan found out it was a boy on your birthday, March 30, and her OB/GYN is Dr Odom in Orlando, just like yours in Denver. She says she sees your signs everywhere also, and loves staying in your room when she visits.  We both agree you will always be part of the "club"...Aries Rock!....Love you. Gran 
Diane Herman | May 21, 2013
Nate made an impact on our daughter Hope that only he could make. They shared the same Dr. so they got to see each other quite often. As hope went to the clinic for treatment each week, she would always talk about the possibilities of running into Nate. My favorite story was when he brought her a teddy bear in the hospital. She was at a very low point in her journey, and the encouragement he provided was priceless. I thought he was such an unusually thoughtful teenage boy, as most are more self absorbed with their own lives. He talked with her, and contacted Hope often. It made the difficult journey a little sweeter. That bear still sits on Hope's grandma's bed. It's name is Nate. He blessed Hope in a way only he could do, and for that I am truly grateful...